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Today's New Prizes: Hundreds of Xbox Prizes, a Trip to Hawaii, & More

Saturday April 19, 2014

Anyone in the mood to win some sweepstakes today? About.com Contests' New Sweepstakes page has been updated for today, April 19, 2014, with the latest sweepstakes for you to enter. Some examples of the prizes that are up for grabs in today's sweepstakes include:

If you missed yesterday's announcement, here are a few of the new sweepstakes I added for 4/18/2014. You can see them all by clicking the link to the New Sweepstakes page:

The New Sweepstakes List contains all of the sweepstakes added today and over the past week, which includes many more chances to win. Be sure to check it out! And if you'd prefer to receive sweepstakes news and more chances to win by email, sign up for my free sweepstakes newsletter. Good luck!
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HGTV's Flip or Flop Sweepstakes Code: Enter Before 9 PM Tonight for a Shot at $25,000

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Every week, HGTV is giving away $25,000 cash in the HGTV - Flip or Flop Watch It Win It Sweepstakes. You only have one day to enter, though, from 9 pm on Tuesdays through 8:59 pm on Wednesdays. That means you have a few more hours left to enter today, and you'll need a code word for your entry to be valid

If you didn't see this week's code on HGTV, it's: FLIP. You can also check the HGTV Flip or Flop Sweepstakes Codes thread in the Sweepstakes Forum each week for current codes.

Good luck!

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Could Those Pinterest Sweepstakes Be Illegal?

Friday April 11, 2014
A photo of a pin breaking a cell phone.

If you've been entering sweepstakes on Pinterest, you're probably familiar with this format: to enter, you're asked to pin an image from the sponsor's website, like one of their products, along with a hashtag that lets the sponsor easily find the participants in the sweepstakes. Simple enough, right? But now, the FTC is investigating whether that type of contest is legal or not. Sound farfetched?

When I think of illegal sweepstakes, usually I think about scams where the "sponsors" as for money before they hand out prizes, or maybe violations of the do not call list. No one is saying that Pinterest sweepstakes are violating those kinds of laws.

However, the FTC has very specific rules about endorsements and testimonials and how incentives for testimonials have to be disclosed online. In other words, a celebrity on a Wheaties box is clearly being paid for their endorsement, whereas someone who writes a review for money online without disclosing that they are being paid for their opinions might be violating the law.

So what does that have to do with Pinterest sweepstakes? Well, according to this article on the National Law Review, the FTC is investigating whether clothing retailer Cole Haan violated the law by encouraging people to pin their clothing without disclosing that they were doing so in order to get a sweepstakes entry, which is a form of monetary incentive.

So the FTC is now going to investigate to decide whether a pin can be considered an endorsement, and whether a sweepstakes hashtag is enough of a signal that the pins were made for an incentive. In the meantime, you'll probably find companies being much more careful about how they present Pinterest sweepstakes. In the past, some companies have had people make pins on a pinboard that was specifically made for the giveaway. Maybe that would be a way of making a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the pin was motivated by a sweepstakes?

I am wondering how this ruling will affect, say, Facebook sweepstakes as well. To me, a "like" is a clearer endorsement than a pin. Would that mean that sweepstakes where you have to "like" a page, a post, or a comment also be in violation of laws regarding endorsements?

I would be a lot more excited about Facebook sweepstakes if likes weren't required. But would that mean that many companies would stop running Facebook sweepstakes? And if they did, would they return to offering them on their own websites, or would they stop offering the chances to win altogether? It will be interesting to watch how the legal implications unfold.

Image Miguel Navarro / Getty Images

What Types of Sweepstakes Do You Like to Enter Most?

Monday April 7, 2014
There have been so many changes in the sweepstakes industry since I've started writing about sweepstakes just a few years ago. Now, there are a dizzying array of ways to enter and win prizes.
To keep you up-to-date (and maybe encourage you to try something new!), I've updated my Guide to the Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter.

My own favorite type of sweepstakes to enter are the instants. I love the thrill of seeing a winning message pop up right away, and the excitement of finding out what the prize is. What a fun way to kick off a morning or to end a long and stressful day!

But I'm also wondering which sweepstakes you've tried, and which you like the best. Take my quick poll to share your opinion. Plus, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the different sweepstakes variations in the comments below!

Who Is the 2014 HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes' Winner? Find Out Here!

Wednesday April 2, 2014
Photo of the winner of the 2014 HGTV Dream Home with her new car.

The official Dream Home Sweepstakes segment won't be aired until April 11th. But if you're dying to know who the 2014 Dream Home winner is, don't worry, your wait is over. The official winner announcement has been made.

According to the HGTV website, the winner of the $2 million plus prize, which includes a home, $250,000 cash, all furnishings, and a GMC Yukon Denali vechicle, is Laura Martin of Boise, Idaho.

You can see Laura Martin receive her prize in the Dream Home Special at 5 pm on April 11th. It should be a good show. Apparently, HGTV worked with Laura Martin's boss to surprise her at work. She thought she was being honored for the work she'd done at her job, when really the gathering was to surprise her with her enormous prize win. "I'm about to wet my pants," HGTV quotes Laura Martin as saying. She then told her whole office that lunch was on her. "For once I can buy the office lunch!"

Laura's winning entry was chosen out of a whopping 72 million entries. She entered online nearly every day.

Want your own chance to win a big prize? Try these current sweepstakes:

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Photo (c) 2014 Scripps Networks, LLC.

Would You Fall for a Fake Facebook Page Scam?

Friday March 28, 2014

A new type of sweepstakes scam is in the news right now. KSAT News has covered the story of Juanita Molinar, who was the victim of a con by people pretending to be from HGTV's series, Property Brothers.

Luckily, Juanita Molinar was savvy enough to notice that she was being scammed fairly quickly, and didn't lose any money. But I wouldn't be very happy with even giving my cell number to criminals who are trying to scam me.

To help all of you steer clear of these types of scams, I've written a new article: How to Avoid Fake Facebook Page Scams. It gives you tips on how to recognize and avoid look-alike Facebook pages masquerading as those belonging to legitimate companies and well-known people.

If you have any comments on the article, or additional tips for avoiding scams, click on the "Comments" link below to share them. I'd love to hear from you!

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Image (c) Troy Aossey/Getty Images. Used with permission.

Improbable Basketball Upsets Dash Billion-Dollar Contest Dreams

Sunday March 23, 2014
Image of a NACAA basketball game.

Warren Buffet and Quicken Loans offered college basketball fans a thrilling prize this year. If you entered Yahoo Sports' Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge and picked a perfect NCAA Bracket, you could have won a billion dollars. That's right, a billion. Wow.

But according to a NESN article, the hopes of a lot of basketball fans were dashed on Friday when the last perfect bracket remaining was broken in an upset game between Memphis and George Washington.

Friday held several upsets which quickly narrowed down the entrants with perfect brackets. Only 40% of the games had been played when the chance of winning the billion dollars ended.

But if you entered, you still have a chance to win some big prizes. 20 lucky entrants will each win a $100,000. While that's a far cry from a billion, it's still a life-changing sum to win. Good luck to all who entered!

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Image (c) Jared Wickerham/Staff/Getty Images

Want to Enter Sweepstakes Easily? Make Sure Your Computer Is in Shape!

Thursday March 20, 2014
If you enter online sweepstakes, keeping your computer in top form is essential. When your computer is running well, you can enter sweepstakes more quickly, which means you can enter more often and improve your chances of winning. If you're not a computer expert, I have some good news: About.com has a great PC Support site, full of tips and tricks. Here are some articles that can help you keep your computer performing well for your online sweepstakes entries.

Fix Problems with URLs
Have you ever tried to get to a sweepstakes site and found that the page wouldn't load? A problem with the URL could be leading you wrong. You could have entered the URL wrong, or there could be a mistake with a link you're following. Click the link above to find some of the most common problems with URLs and how to fix them.

Speed Up Your Computer
OK, I admit that my favorite way to speed up my PC is by winning a free computer. But while you're waiting for that prize to arrive, you can use the tips above to make your current computer run blazingly fast -- or at least as close to blazing speeds as your computer is capable of reaching.

Are You Having Problems with Your Internet Speed?
When you're entering online sweepstakes, even the fastest computer can seem to crawl if your internet connection is having a problem. Follow these tips to learn how to check your internet speed to see if there's a problem that can be fixed.

Check If Your Computer is Infected
Even when you're careful, you can pick up a malware infection fairly easily when you're entering sweepstakes. Performing regular checks keeps your computer running fast and clean. This article makes it easy.

Keep Your Computer Up-to-Date
Keeping your computer up-to-date is not only a speed issue, it also helps protect you from vulnerabilities to viruses and other major problems. About.com's PC Support Guide tells you how to update your Windows operating system and how to update your hardware so that everything performs at its best.

Keep Your Computer Clean
When your computer gets loaded down with temporary files, it can really decrease your overall performance. The PC Support Guide has a selection of articles about how to keep your computer's temporary files cleaned up.

Overheating Problems?
Overheating is a common reason why your computer crashes, or even dies -- and that puts a real damper on your online sweepstakes entries. Here are tips to help you prevent your computer from overheating. This is especially important to know with summer on the way!

Fix Common PC Problems
About.com's PC Support Guide has pulled together a list of solutions for four common PC problems. Is one of these problems sabotaging your online entries?

I hope these tips have helped. For more problems, browse the PC Support site, or read my tips for solving technical problems with sweepstakes entries.

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$400 Million Mega Millions Jackpot (the 3rd Largest in History!) Awarded

Wednesday March 19, 2014

The Mega Millions Lottery jackpot has been soaring recently.

Every week that the prize is not won, an additional $10 million ($5 million per drawing) is added to the pot, and the pot has been rolling since the last jackpot was won back in January. However, in last night's drawing, the winning numbers finally appeared, meaning that the third-largest jackpot in Mega Millions history will be split among two tickets.

Note that I say two tickets, not two winners, because theoretically some or all of those tickets could be shared, or even purchased as part of a lottery pool. So far, the winners have not come forward. And one of the winning tickets was sold in Maryland, which is one of the states where the winner can remain anonymous, if they choose to.

The winning numbers were 11-19-24-33-51 and the Mega Ball was 7. If you bought a ticket in Florida or Maryland, be sure to check your numbers!

Do you play the lottery when the jackpot gets big? Or do you prefer to go for smaller jackpots, or not play at all? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Enter Today Only for a Shot at $25,000 from HGTV's Sweepstakes (Code Included)

Thursday March 13, 2014
HGTV's Property Brothers show is giving you the chance to win $25,000 cash in the HGTV 25 Grand in Your Hand Sweepstakes. The catch? You only have until 8 pm today to enter.

The grand-prize winner will receive $25,000 in cash. Pretty nice for just filling out an entry form!

To enter, you'll need a code word. This week's code is: TWINS.

Good luck to all!

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GAC TV's Flea Market Flip Sweepstakes is Open for Entry (and This Week's Code)

Monday March 10, 2014
Just a quick reminder: every week, GAC TV is giving you the chance to win $5,000 cash from their Flip for $5,000 Sweepstakes. You can only enter on one day each week, so be sure to enter until 9 pm ET tonight.

A code word is also required to enter. If you missed the announcement during this week's episode of Flea Market Flip, the code word for March 9/10 is COMPETE.

Good luck to all!

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85-Year-Old Man Wins a Car from Ford's Gas and Go Further Sweepstakes

Wednesday March 5, 2014
Photo of Ford winner Albert Traversa behind the wheel of his new car.

I receive a lot of questions from people who wonder if they will be passed over for prizes because of their age. Many wonder whether sponsors might not want a younger target audience to receive my prizes. I've never believed that sweepstakes discriminate against the elderly, and here's a winning story that demonstrates my point...

According to a PRWeb press report, the winner of Ford's Gas and Go Further Sweepstakes, which ended on January 3, 2014, was an 85-year-old man from Gainesville, FL. Albert Traversa's name was chosen from among about 91,000 entries.

As his prize, Albert Traversa received $30,000 to put toward one of five models of fuel-efficient Ford vehicles. Mr. Traversa chose the Ford C-MAX Hybrid.

Albert Traversa's response to winning was:

"...When we received a call that I had won $30,000 towards the price of a new Ford, I thought, 'Is this for real?' Well, it was. My wife and I did some research on the cars available and chose a Ford C-MAX Hybrid... This has been a special experience for us and we want to thank Ford for providing this opportunity at this time in our lives."

If you'd like to win a prize like this one, check out the Car Sweepstakes List for current car prizes that you could win. Good luck!

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Image from a PRWeb press report.

What Did You Win in February, 2014?

Monday March 3, 2014
Hello, everyone. It's time to take a moment to look back over the prizes you won last month, and to share all that good news!
If you won a prize, big or small, I'd love to hear about it. I've already heard some about some exciting wins from my readers, and I'd love to hear more.

If you're feeling a little frustrated with how much you've won, reading the comments might help you feel more inspired. Real people just like you have been winning. Maybe next month it will be you reporting some big prizes.

Here are some tips that can help, too:

Utah Man Is Chosen from Among Nearly 1 Million Entries to Win a $45,000 Truck

Monday February 24, 2014
Photo of Chrysler winner Lofton Tanner Harmon receiving his $45,000 truck prize.

All last year, starting on January 20th and closing at the end of the year, you could have entered to win a new truck from the Chrysler group. And boy, a lot of people did! Today, the winner has been announced from among nearly a million entries. And the lucky person was...

Lofton Tanner Harmon from Saint George, Utah. Harmon's entry was chosen from among 945,000 others to receive a $45,000 credit toward the vehicle of his choice from a list provided by the sponsor. He chose to receive the cherry-red 2014 Ram 2500 truck in the picture above.

According to the press release, Lofton Tanner Harmon said about his win:

"I was in complete disbelief when I was told I had been selected as the grand prize winner of the 2013 Chrysler Group National Giveaway," said Lofton Harmon of St. George. "After test driving the 2014 Ram 2500 I fell in love with the sound of the engine, how it drove and how comfortable it was."

If you'd like to read the full press release, you can see it here: The Chrysler Group Awards $45,000 Towards New Vehicle to One Lucky Customer.

If you'd like the chance to win a prize like this one, check out my Car Sweepstakes page. Good luck!

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Photo Cred: Chrysler Group LLC/Stephen Wade Auto Center, Saint George, Utah. Used with permission.

Frank's RedHot Announces Winner of the Ultimate Tailgate Truck Sweepstakes

Sunday February 23, 2014
From August 28th through December 31st, 2013, you could enter to win a $34,000 customized truck from Frank's RedHot's Ultimate Tailgate Truck Sweepstakes. And now, CherokeeTribune.com has a piece announcing the lucky winner.

The grand-prize winner of the truck was Shimada Boyce of Woodstock in Cherokee County, Georgia. He was thrilled to win the truck, which was designed by Frank's RedHot and award-winning car re-modeler Richard Wright.

"I'm a huge fan of Frank's RedHot and football, so I was ecstatic at the news I had won," said Shimada Boyce. "While I favor the University of Georgia Bulldogs, my brother-in-law is a big Georgia Tech fan, so I have a feeling this truck is going to get a lot of use during tailgating season."

If you'd like to read the full article, you can find it here: Woodstock man wins Ford F-150 tailgate contest.

If you'd like your chance to win a prize like this, check out these current sweepstakes:

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NPR's "On the Media" Covers the Sweepstakes Hobby and the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes

Friday February 21, 2014
I was recently interviewed by associate producer Laura Mayer from NPR's "On the Media," who was covering the sweepstakes hobby from the perspective of an interesting way to earn money and more from home. Laura became interested in how to use sweepstakes to earn money and other prizes from home when a friend of hers took it up after losing her job. Laura got in touch with me to find out more about the hobby of entering sweepstakes. Want to hear the interview? It's available online here: Win a Million-Dollar Mansion from Your Home Computer. If you've always wondered how I sound in person, here's your chance to find out, too (spoiler: I talk too fast!)

The interview also shares a really interesting conversation that Laura had with HGTV Dream Home Winner Don Cruz, who spoke about how his huge win changed his life for the better, and how he is still eagerly entering to win the Dream Home.

I'd love to hear what you thought of the piece, too. Click on the "comments" link below to share your thoughts. Enjoy!

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One Lucky Person in California Just Became $425 Million Richer

Thursday February 20, 2014
Powerball Lottery Logo

According to a CNN article, a store in California has reported selling a winning Powerball ticket. The winner hasn't stepped forward yet, but when he or she does, they'll be able to turn that ticket in for a massive $425 million prize! There was only one winning ticket sold, so the winner won't have to split the jackpot.

The lucky winner beat odds of 175 million to one to match all six numbers including the Powerball to take home the jackpot.

Think it might be you? If you bought a ticket at Dixon Landing Chevron gas station in Milpitas, California, be sure to check your numbers. The winning numbers were 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 and 34 for the Powerball.

Want to up your odds of winning a lottery prize? Check out my article, Lottery-Winning Tips that Really Work. Good luck!

What do you think of the lottery? Do you have any winning tips to share? Click on the "comments" link below to chime in.

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Image The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL)

When Will the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes Winner Be Announced?

Saturday February 15, 2014
If you've been entering to win the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes, the entry period is now over and you can take a break for another year. But you're probably on tenterhooks, wondering when you'll find out if you are the lucky winner. So when will the 2014 HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes winner be announced?

According to the sweepstakes rules, the winner will be contacted by phone, e-mail, in writing, or in person via an "ambush style" visit somewhere around March 3rd through March 9th.

If your name is not drawn as the official winner, you'll have to wait until the HGTV Dream Home Special is aired, which will be on April 15th at 6 pm / 5 Central Time on the HGTV network to find out who won. Good luck!

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Only Hours Left to Win the HGTV Dream Home 2014!

Friday February 14, 2014
OK, everyone, the waiting period to find out who won the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes 2014 is nearly upon us. But you have one more chance to get your final entries in for your shot at this amazing, $2 million prize.

The Dream Home Sweepstakes closes today at 5:00 PM. That means you can still enter twice, once on HGTV.com and once on Frontdoor.com.

If you think that just one or two entries can't make a difference, don't be so sure. Remember that a couple of years back, HGTV's first Urban Oasis winner entered just once, and one Tweet was all it took to win this father $1.5 million.

Good luck to all of you. I'd love to see one of my readers win!

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Do You Avoid Facebook Sweepstakes that Ask For Your Friends List?

Wednesday February 12, 2014
Photo of a woman looking at her Facebook screen.
Image Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images

When you enter Facebook sweepstakes, you often are asked to give the sweepstakes app various permissions. Some of these permissions are fairly benign, like asking to access your public profile. Others are more intrusive, like asking for permission to post for you. When you enter, you need to decide for yourself whether the permissions you are giving the page is worth the chance of winning.

Recently, I've been receiving questions from people who worry about sweepstakes that ask for permission to access their list of Facebook friends. Here's a recent question about friends list sharing posted on Facebook:

Looks like you have to share all contacts to enter. Leary of these sweepstakes. Your thoughts?

Personally, this is not one of the permission requests that bother me.

What about you? Do you agree with me, or do you have a different take on the issue? I'd love to get more opinions on this issue. Click on the "comments" link below this post to share yours.

No matter where you draw the line on Facebook permissions, it's a good idea to go through your Facebook apps regularly and remove the ones you no longer need. If the sweepstakes is over, there's no reason to continue to give the app access to your account.

Edited to add: I had written that your list of friends is public knowledge, but actually that's not true. You can edit who can see your Facebook friends list by going to your profile, clicking the down-arrow next to the "Friends" tab, and selecting one of the options.

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Recently-Married Father-to-Be Wins $1.5 Million in the #EsuranceSave30 Sweepstakes

Saturday February 8, 2014
Photo of the pile of cash won by one lucky Tweet

If you missed the live announcement on Jimmy Kimmel on February 6th, here's the news about who won the big sweepstakes that took over the Twitterverse shortly after the Super Bowl. Esurance's #EsuranceSave30 Sweepstakes promised to pass on the $1.5 million dollars that they saved by waiting until after the Big Game was over to buy advertising to one lucky person who sent a tweet with the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag. And the winner was...

John of Northern California, a 29-year-old recently-married man, won the huge prize. He sent exactly one tweet, which was chosen out of more than 5.4 million entries to win the stack of cash. Wow.

That's why I recommend that when you want to win a prize, it's worth dropping in an entry, even if you think the odds are unbeatable. Even a slim chance of winning is better than none at all, and you can't win if you don't enter.

Want to see John receiving his prize? View the winning video on YouTube. It's heartwarming to see the winner and his wife's reaction to the big prize.

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Image (c) PRNewsFoto/Esurance

About.com Reader Wins a Brand-New Car from Scott's "Win My Car" Sweepstakes

Wednesday February 5, 2014
Photo of Bob Wilson receiving his new car from NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger

Bob Wilson, About.com Reader, Chose from Two Cars Worth up to $45,000!

Winning a car is a dream for just about every sweeper. That's why I was so excited this week, when I received an email that one of my readers has won not just a car, but an amazing experience as well. Here's what he had to say:
"Sandra Grauschopf, I am a subscriber to your sweepstakes newsletter.

I am the winner of the Scott Brand Shared Values "Win My Car" sweepstakes. Contest ended 11/30/2013. I was notified about a week later that I had won the car...

I was given the choice of the #47 Nascar ($45,000) driven by AJ Allmendinger or a 2014 Toyota Camry ($24,115).

It was a hard descion but I chose the 2014 Camry. My wife and daughter wanted to keep the Nascar (so would I), but the taxes would kill me!

I was presented the keys to the car by A.J. himself at the Hammonton Shoprite supermarket today February 1, 2014. Tad Geschickter, owner of the car (JTG Racing), was also present. As well as two representatives from Scott (Louis & Christina). And Stefanie Hopwood, Managing Account Supervisor with Ketchum (promo company).

I will probably sell the car for the money to pay the taxes and to pay a lot of bills. I will also treat myself to a few things.

I sent a letter to all parties that contacted me during the process to thank them.

I have been entering contests and sweepstakes for over 30 years. Other than a model car that went for $100, this is the largest prize I have won. And only about the 7th or 8th prize I have won, period.

You can't win if you don't try!

Keep Entering everyone!!"

Bob Wilson

You can read more about the prize and how it was awarded on the NASCAR website: Fan Picks 2014 Camry Over Allmendinger's No. 47.

30 years sure is a long time to wait for a big win, but it sounds like it was worth the wait. If you're feeling frustrated, you might want to try my tips about beating sweepstakes burnout to keep your motivation up.

A HUGE congratulations to Bob, and thanks for letting me share your story!

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Image (c) Nick Valinote/Getty Images

How Will You Know if You Won the #EsuranceSave30 Sweepstakes?

Tuesday February 4, 2014
So, your chance to win $1.5 million through Esurance's #EsuranceSave30Sweepstakes is over. The giveaway, which was announced in a post-Superbowl ad, lit up the Twitterverse with people sending tweets with the required hashtag yesterday. But how will you know if you won? This is an important question, because you only have a very short period to respond if you want to claim your prize.

According to the sweepstakes' rules, Esurance will choose a winner and notify them by 2:45 am Pacific time. The winner will be notified through their Twitter account with instructions on what to do next. The winner will then have until 1 pm Pacific time to respond or another winner will be chosen.

That's a very short time period, so be sure to check out your Twitter account to see if you've received any messages! And if you didn't, check back after 1 pm Pacific to see if you might have been drawn as an alternate, if the first winner didn't respond.

Good luck to everyone who entered!

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Watch Out for #EsuranceSave30 Twitter Sweepstakes Scams!

Monday February 3, 2014
While the #EsuranceSave30 Sweepstakes is really giving away $1.5 million on Twitter (read the sweepstakes' FAQ and official rules on the Esurance website for verification), some unscrupulous marketers have begun taking advantage of the buzz to run scams.

For example, people have created fake accounts that repeatedly say that you need to retweet and follow the account to enter, or that you will get bonus entries for sharing a link. Be very skeptical of any offers like this.

Do You Need to Follow Esurance on Twitter to Win?

The Sweepstakes FAQ says that you do, but the rules say you can, but it's not necessary:

"In addition, eligible entrants could follow @Esurance on Twitter so that Sponsor can direct message you in the event that you are selected as the potential winner but this is not required."
If you do want to follow Esurance, their official Twitter account (and the one listed in the rules to follow) is @esurance. Verified Esurance accounts have a blue check mark next to them when you click on the user name.

According to an article on CNET, some people are also Tweeting offensive commentary with the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag. It's unlikely they'll win that way, though, since the sweepstakes rules give Esurance the right to disqualify offensive Tweets.

So if you want to win, just make normal Tweets using the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag. Avoid scams and shady accounts.

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You Could Win $1.5 Million for Tweeting with the #EsuranceSave30 Hashtag (Find Out How)

Monday February 3, 2014
Esurance opted out of buying an incredibly expensive ad during the Super Bowl yesterday, choosing instead to buy the first ad after the Big Game ended. By doing so, they saved $1.5 million, which they are planning on passing on to one lucky person who sends a tweet using the hashtag #EsuranceSave30. But hurry, the giveaway ends at 1 am on the 4th!

Usually, I'd say that the chances of winning such a quick-running sweepstakes would be pretty good. Don't count on it in this case, though. That money-saving ad reached a lot of people, and many of them are taking the opportunity to tweet. This photo, shared by About.com's social media Vice President Matthew Knell, shows how many people have already used the hashtag and entered the giveaway.

Nevertheless, if you're on Twitter, it's a fast and easy way to get a chance to win a truly life-changing prize, even if that chance is slim. Entry is open to residents of the 48 contiguous United States aged 18 and up. Enter as often as you want, as long as each Tweet has the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag. Read more on the #EsuranceSave30 Sweepstakes FAQs

And if you're curious to find out who's won, the winner's name will be announced on Wednesday night during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC 11:35|10:35c.

Good luck to all of you!

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