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There are few books that have generated as much buzz in sweepstakes circles as The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. But I've been a little skeptical about it. Something that proclaims itself to be "an unfailing and unerring principle that permeates and underlies every single aspect of our lives" according to The Secret website sounds a little too over-the-top for me. But now that I've read the book, I've discovered that it wasn't quite what I was expecting, and that there are some very good and very bad things about it. Read my Book Review of The Secret for more details about what I thought after reading it.

Have you read The Secret? If so, I'd love to hear what you think. Do you use it to help you win more sweepstakes, or to achieve other things in your life? Have you noticed a difference since starting to follow its principles, or do you think that it's total nonsense? Let me know by clicking the comments button below.

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April 7, 2008 at 12:38 pm
(1) James Whitbord says:

To assume that man and not God is in complete control is a mistake.A positive attitude and humility will go a long way.If you allow sweepstakes to take you away from what is most important,you will not prosper.

April 7, 2008 at 2:52 pm
(2) s ross says:

I read The Secret with an open mind. The book does not reflect my values and beliefs. I do believe we should live in the moment, love, do good and I believe in God as giver of life and all. What I do not believe is that people living in war-torn areas, children suffering abuse or hunger, people tormented by mental illness–are responsible for their situations and they just don’t ‘ask’ the Universe for what they need, so they don’t get. Please! Contests and sweepstakes are the luck of the draw, some creativity, and perseverance help, plus time.

April 8, 2008 at 12:49 pm
(3) Brian says:

I’ve studied the teaching of the secret thoroughly. I strongly see where they’re coming from, and agree with the perspective. It holds reason. Keeping in mind that there isn’t really an “absolute” in any sense of the term that a human being can grasp in any direct sense. We can only absorb information through our five senses, in addition to whatever we have stored from our ancestors via cell memory (A big part of the reason evolution is possible perspectively). Firstly, The status quo of the world holds certain values and ideals as normal. And if anything strays too far from that we’re designed to have it feel strange. We’re creatures of conditioning and habit. It’s this sense of importance in what we find comfortable that keeps “tradition” alive. The secret, I find that most people actually have experienced it, but a good number are too conditioned into common beliefs about things being random and so on. Which are true to an extent. Being so used to categorizing linearly as “GOOD” or “BAD” “RIGHT” or “WRONG” and so on, without realizing that most of life is an overlapping set of systems that are only run by basic principles rather than irrevocable rules. The law of attraction seems to be nonabsolute to most people because things seem to happen randomly to them, and they believe it. In this way the secret is sort of a catch22 unsolvable puzzle. If you always see it working, you’ll believe it works and it cannot not work to you. If you never believe it works, you’ll never notice it working, and to you it absolutely won’t work. There’s no way to step outside of it and actually see whether or not, it is the truth – only that you can either believe or not and attribute your success to it or not. If this is true how can I be so sure it’s true? I’ll tell you why. Because I find that most everyone has that sense where they believed something would happen, and strangely enough something of that same topic or situational occurance came about again. A few reasons for this. One is our reticular activating system. Being perspective beings our awareness is more likely to notice what our brains deem as important. There’s more information out there than we remember but we block out what we find unimportant so our brains won’t be overburdened by the memory of useless trivia. This being why you cannot remember the color shirt your coworker was wearing unless it becomes “important” for example if you talked about it in a conversation. So being that you put your attention on a topic, you thereby have acclaimed it important to your life and thereby your brain no longer filters it out and you notice it more. This being why when you buy a car, you now see it everywhere when before you never did. And secondly, I believe – although ambiguous – in the idea that our subconscious minds strongly direct our conscious awareness, partially by the reticular activating stated before, and other partially by some universal connection we all hold. That being the reason behind any real feeling of “psychic phenomenon”. It’s an observation but I find that when people are more similar or more exposed they get more conditioned to how that person works and thinks, and on some level they tend to notice those similarities about each other and basically can know what they’ll do it before they do it. Being why best friends often can finish one another’s sentences. Or often people who have never known each other before, they think the same things, tend to go the same places because they have the same interests, and so on. So in this way, I find the secret quite plausible. Secondly, you can do exactly what they said. Eather Hicks has stated in her audio recordings that they did say that you can have everything you want, but they didn’t say that you all could have it all at any one time. The movie the secret claims, we all don’t want the same things. Yes, we all seem to want money – but that’s a superficial want. Often times, people want money for the stereotypical idea that it will on some level make them happy. When really all they wanted was more respect for their peers and the ability to do well for their faimily and friends – which often times can be attributed to teamwork and giving favors and being kind – rather than anything involving money at all. Our Expectations and Beliefs set our bars for what we can and cannot accomplish and on this level we’ve limited our tank to how much we can hold or to how much we can accomplish. When really the sky really is our limit. As long as it has been achieved you can achieve it. Keep in mind that the world being systems interacting with one another on different planes. For example you yourself are a set of hundreds of systems cell systems, respiratory system, nervous, skeletal, and so on working at a job and as people you’re working together as a system, in a larger system – the economy and things continue in this manner. It’s all collaborating systems working together on different levels or planes. The idea that nothing bad will happen to you unless you attract it is true to the extent that you always choose where you go, and thereby what you expose yourself to. You know that by getting in a car, there’s a risk and possibility of a collision. By not walking or by taking a different level, your diminish your risk and subconsciously by holding a certain belief – you tend to do these sorts of unconscious things without knowing. If you’re more accident prone – you’ll tend to do things like stack a bunch of plates unstabley, subconsciously you do this – so that after they fall you can say “Oh see look how clumsy I am, I’ve spilled again” – and it’s like hypnosis. Self hypnosis – you do this without knowing in accordance to your beliefs. While another individual who was normal would take two trips instead of trying to carry all of the dishes at once. Focusing on illness does attract illness to the extent of the placebo effect. Your cells are each individual creatures with awareness and they make choices, eat, sleep, and do jobs within your body. Your thoughts and beliefs can either strengthen them or weaken them. And if you believe you’re going to get sick, you’re weakening them. While when you eat, healthy, exercise, and so on – usually by the subconscious you’ll be given a concious desire to do this due to your belief. And you’ll have a happier, healthier, stronger body in effect – let alone intention correlating to your living cells. You’re made up of these cells, and they are you collectively. It sounds so spiritual but it’s blatant common sense. They think, you think, they are you and what you think, they are – whether that be strong or weak, given that subconsciously you’re attacting on your beliefs without even realizing it. If someone wants to talk about illness, it’s not doing them much good. When has wallowing in and about a problem ever solved it? It’s when you focus your mind on solving it – on finding a solution that things get better. Partially I believe that would be a belief given by society to a person that believes that it’s necessary to talk about a problem with someone in order to resolve, but talking about how bad the problem is never got anything solved. It was only when the solution was brought up that things were amended. The secret says itself (the original movie version) that seeing the bad is necessary or helpful in realizing what you do want. For example, if you’re sick you want to be well, if you’re poor you want money enough to be able to live life, if you’re friendless you want companionship, if you’re upset you want to feel relief and so on. It is necessary to see the problem enough to know what you want but at that point it will be helpful to change to solution finding. Every teacher in the secret realizes that action is an integral part of creating but not always YOUR action. Sometimes someone will often you something and so on. Now if you yourself want something and no one else knows, it can still find it’s way to you via that strangeness that makes your beliefs come across but you’re not opening yourself to the opportunity and thus you’re minimizing your window of getting. The secret is a translation of the “Master Key System” by Rhonda Byrnes. The original Master Key System is available as PDF and I find to be much more thorough and realistic, describing on every level and rationally – why the idea of thought being your reality and the basic essense of the universe, is. Obviously, if you want to win a contest, you must enter, but also by entering a contest in which you are fully aware of the odds minimizes your chances. Entering many contests and believing you will win, feeling like a winner, and forgetting about them otherwise is usually the most sure path to feeling the secret is in working order. But truly the secret says that HOW is none of your business. All you need is an intention. Money? A Trip? To Win something? It doesn’t matter what you want, what matters is being open and feeling like you have it already. Other than that, HOW it gets to you isn’t anything of any consequence. If you want to win all of the time, you can – but part of that is not involving yourself with things that force you into “win/lose” positions. It’s part of your metaphysical thought attracting of situatons that match the feeling as though the example with the expecting and noticing only when you get cut off as stated prior and subconscious beliefs and how you always act on them almost always unknowingly. If you truly feel like you’re always a winner, part of that is your subconsciously acting on those things which will almost certainly have you at the higest advantage to do so. A person cannot honestly expect to win every contest they enter, but it is possible and due to how they subconsciously feel most certain about it – according to that, according to how they are most certain in this way, universal and subconscious factors will be in their favor.

April 8, 2008 at 1:09 pm
(4) Brian says:

Basically, the secret itself is plying from the idea that what you believe most consciously will become your subconscious reality and with that you can thereby greater utilize than the Law of attraction or in other words that subconscious something that makes things seem to happen or organize in whatever way you were most thinking about. So when they say those statements like you only need to think and not act, they’re focusing on the idea that if you really believe it, you’ll live – and have that much to your advantage over the later which is understanding every nook and cranny of it and having set mental limits about it. They’re trying to make the idea limitless for the people who want to use it, which for the most part is the New Age Crowd who are heavily into supernatural, superstitious, and paranormal activity – they believe these things and thereby can use it more powerfully due to their strong belief than say your or me, the average rational well thought out individuals who like to use rationale and reason to figure out our world.

April 8, 2008 at 2:22 pm
(5) Carolyn Wilman says:

Hi Sandra,
Since you linked to me in your article (thank you), I wanted to comment on your book review and address some of the pros and cons you put forth.

Firstly, I wanted to say that the reason The Secret is so popular now is the general population is ready to hear that they are the master of their life and destiny. The reason it may not make much sense is that it is only one piece, abet a big piece, but only one piece to a very big universal puzzle. It is hard to see the whole picture if you only have one piece. (see Bob Schienfeld http://www.bobscheinfeld.com/)

What you learned from The Secret:
Point 1) People ask me how I win so often and I have a core belief that I will win 5-15+ prizes every month, month after month, so I do. Since I focus on sweepstakes, with a lot of passion, I make it my reality.

Point 2) We are a Universe of inclusion. (see Esther and Jerry Hicks – Ask And It Is Given http://www.abraham-hicks.com/) So if you focus on something, wanted or unwanted, it will be part of your reality. That is why Bob Proctor in the DVD says, do not focus on debt (included) you will always be in debt. Focus on prosperity.

What you didn’t like about The Secret:
Point 1) We do not want to be responsible for anything bad that happens to us. It is easier for us to blame something outside of us. (see Joe Vitale – Zero Limits http://www.mrfire.com/) We do attract all good and bad. We just may not know why. We have agreed to come down and learn certain lessons. (see Caroline Myss – Sacred Contracts http://www.myss.com/) We subconsciously allow those things in to help us learn those lessons. It’s is like grade school. Until you learn the lessons in Grade 1, you can’t move up to Grade 2.

Point 2) Abundance is unlimited. The Law of Attraction is just one law (one piece of the puzzle). The Secret did not have time to go into all the other laws such as: the Law of Giving and the Law of Karma (see Deepak Chopra http://www.chopra.com/) or the Law of Allowing (see Esther and Jerry Hicks) the Law of Resonance (see Dov Baron http://www.secretbeyondthelawofattraction.com/). We are all energy and energy vibrates. If you are not a vibrational match (the same frequency) to what you want it will not come in to your reality. If you want to listen to 103.5FM, unless you tune into that station exactly, you will not hear it. Same with everything in your life.

Point 3) Illness happens for so many reasons on so many levels. 1) It may be part of your contract. 2) It may be cellular memory. 3) You may have held on to negativity in your body and it manifests as illness (see Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life http://www.louisehay.com/) 4) You may not be in balance. This is where yoga, organic food, chakra balancing, body energy work, etc. come into play. (see Lise Bourbeau – Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self http://www.ecoutetoncorps.com/home/index_e.php) What you want to do with a loved one (or yourself) that has an illness, is to focus on the end result and not the how. Focus on health and not illness. So if they are going through a tough time, be their beacon and keep steering them in a more healthful direction.

Point 4) The three step process is: Ask, Believe, Receive. The first two parts seem like wishing if you are not doing any allowing. Also, action is the bridge between Asking and Receiving (see Bill Harris http://www.themastersofthesecret.com/letter/) I can Ask to win all my prizes but if I don’t enter I won’t win. I could wish for my upcoming book to be a big success but if I didn’t finish writing it, it never will be.

The Secret movie is only 90 min and book just shy of 200 pages. It is only one piece of a very big puzzle. I hope people take the first piece and start looking for other pieces for themselves. I typed Law of Attraction into the About.com search field and got 11,900 results (http://search.about.com/fullsearch.htm?terms=law%20of%20attraction). There are heaps of resources out there. Life is an adventure; have fun finding all your pieces!

All is well!

April 17, 2008 at 8:44 am
(6) V.Rose says:

Thanks for your review of “The Secret”. It’s hard enough going through a bad patch in your life without the additional feeling of guilt.

V. Rose

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