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Sandra Grauschopf

    Win Anything - How to Win Nearly Anything

    Win anything with this fun email course, which gives you valuable tips on how to win everything from online sweepstakes to writing and recipe contests to contests on blogs and on Twitter.

    Every week for five weeks, this e-course will address a different type of giveaway that you can win. Read the tips and challenge yourself to try a new way of winning that week.

    How to Win Anything Lesson Plan:

    • Win Anything Week 1: Learn how to win online contests and sweepstakes.
    • Win Anything Week 2: Get tips to win writing contests.
    • Win Anything Week 3: Try your hand at photo and video contests.
    • Win Anything Week 4: Advice about how to win recipe contests - even if you're not a fantastic cook.
    • Win Anything Week 5: Learn how to win assorted types of giveaways, including radio contests, blog contests, and more.
    So sign up for the Win Anything e-course today. It's absolutely free, and may help you win dream prizes!

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