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Sweepstakes Check Scam Example - Recognize Sweepstakes ...
Learn how to recognize and avoid sweepstakes check scams. ... Learn to Recognize Lottery Check Scams with this Example Letter. By Sandra Grauschopf .
12 Warning Signs of Sweepstakes Scams (Stay Safe!)
For more information, see Check Scams: What They Are, and How to Avoid Them . ... It is impossible to win a lottery without buying a ticket, and even in that case, ...
Examples of Sweepstakes Scams - Lottery and Sweepstakes Scam ...
About.com readers share examples of sweepstakes and lottery scams that they ... house in the van, clearly marked, with the check and we would all jump fo…
Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scams?
Janice Ryan Hands Over a Winning Check as Part of the PCH Prize Patrol. ... are extremely long, at least you don't have to pay to enter, like you do with lotteries.
Did I Really Win from PCH? How to Recognize PCH Scams
Those checks aren't legitimate, and you'll be left holding the bill. Read about check scams for more information. PCH Won't Contact You through Facebook If ...
Fake Check Scams: How to Avoid Being a Victim
... even jail time. Find out what the consequences of sweepstakes check scams can be, and how to avoid them. ... Did you even enter the lottery or sweepstakes?
Nokia Lottery Scam Example - Contests and Sweepstakes - About.com
Example of a sweepstakes scam sent by email, claiming to come from a Nokia lottery based in London.
Heineken Lottery Scam - Contests and Sweepstakes - About.com
It seems to be too good to be true, but I checked around and the email is really from a high-ranking ... Warning Against the Heineken Lottery Scam on its website .
Lottery Scam Meets AOL/Microsoft Hoax
Jan 11, 2007 ... Of course, these processing fees, like the lottery winnings, are completely made- up (as is the check the scammers promise to be sending).
5 Ways to Avoid DV Green Card Lottery Scams - Immigration Issues
Learn 5 ways that you can avoid green card lottery scams. ... You can check the status of your entry online at the E-DV website to confirm whether or not you are ...
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