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Sweepstakes Laws and Regulations - Contests and Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes are heavily regulated to ensure that they are fair to the entrants and to sweepstakes sponsors. Find out more about sweepstakes laws and ...
Guide to Sweepstakes, Contests, and Lotteries
Learn the basics about contests, sweepstakes, and lotteries - what they are, what rules govern them, and why sponsors offer great prizes for free.
Maine Sweepstakes Law - Why Can't Kids Enter Sweepstakes in ...
Sweepstakes in Maine have suddenly started to prohibit people under 18 years of age from entering. Discover what changed, and why Maine laws are ...
Void in Quebec - Why So Many Sweepstakes are Void in Quebec
"Void in Quebec" is common sweepstakes rules. Have you ever wondered why residents of Quebec are prohibited from many Canadian sweepstakes?
Is Internet Access Consideration? - Contests and Sweepstakes
Do online sweepstakes have to offer an alternate entry method in order to be legal? Does internet access count as consideration when it comes to entering ...
What to Look for in Sweepstakes Rules - Contests and Sweepstakes
For this reason, they are real sticklers for the rules, and each individual sweepstake has its own unique guidelines. To prevent yourself from being disqualified, ...
Why Canadian Sweepstakes Ask Skill Testing Questions
Canadian sweepstakes law, unlike American law, requires that the third component, "winners are chosen by luck," is removed. Sponsors cannot use pure luck to ...
Why Alcohol Sweepstakes are Void in California - Contests and ...
Sweepstakes that are sponsored by alcohol companies prohibit California ... Read these articles for more background on California's sweepstakes laws and ...
AMOE - Contests & Sweepstakes - About.com
AMOE or Alternate Method of Entry is a term that you'll often see in sweepstakes rules. What is it, and why do so many sponsors include an alternate entry ...
Guide to Confusing Sweepstakes Rules - Contests and Sweepstakes
Have you ever read through sweepstakes rules and wondered what they meant? Here are explanations for the most confusing rules commonly found in ...
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