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Sweepstakes Laws and Regulations - Contests & Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes are heavily regulated to ensure that they are fair to the entrants and to sweepstakes sponsors. Find out more about sweepstakes laws and ...
Guide to Sweepstakes, Contests, and Lotteries
For more information, see my articles about sweepstakes laws and regulations. Why Do Sponsors Hold Prize Giveaways?: Contests and sweepstakes come out  ...
Void in Quebec - Why So Many Sweepstakes are Void in Quebec
"Void in Quebec" is common sweepstakes rules. Have you ever wondered ... Learn about Quebec sweepstakes laws and why many contests are void in Quebec.
Internet and Consideration in Sweepstakes - Is Internet Access ...
Because laws vary by state and can change over time, it's hard to give a more concrete answer. In the article, Don't Gamble with Internet Sweepstakes , the ...
Why Alcohol Sweepstakes are Void in California - Contests ...
Sweepstakes that are sponsored by alcohol companies prohibit California ... Read these articles for more background on California's sweepstakes laws and ...
Why Canadian Sweepstakes Ask Skill Testing Questions
Why do Canadian entrants have to answer a skill testing question to be eligible to win sweepstakes? Find out here.
Maine Sweepstakes Law - Why Can't Kids Enter Sweepstakes in ...
Sweepstakes in Maine have suddenly started to prohibit people under 18 years of age from entering. Discover what changed, and why Maine laws are ...
Can Puerto Rico Residents Enter US Sweepstakes?
Can Puerto Rico residents enter sweepstakes for Americans? Find out in this article from sweepstakes expert Sandra Grauschopf.
What Does AMOE Mean, Anyway? - Contests & Sweepstakes
Find out in this definition of AMOE in About.com's Sweepstakes Glossary. ... sweepstakes are required to offer an AMOE to avoid falling under illegal lottery laws.
Is That Sweepstakes Safe? Evaluate Before You Enter
Legitimate sweepstakes follow the basic laws that govern contests and giveaways by making it clear that you have not won before you enter, by not charging a ...
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