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How to Win Trips - Tips to Help Win Trips and Vacations

Are you longing to win a trip or vacation? These tips will help you improve your odds of winning a trip and learn what to do when you achieve your goal. Get answers to common questions about what happens when you win a vacation, what expenses you can anticipate, how it feels to win a vacation, and more.
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Answers to Your Top Questions about Winning Vacations
Winning vacations is a huge thrill, but that thrill comes with a lot of questions. Whether you've won a trip or are hoping to, here are answers to the most commonly-asked questions about winning vacations.

Does a Sweepstakes Sponsor Have to Offer a Cash Option for a Trip Prize?
I won a trip, but I can't take it. Does the sponsor have to offer me a cash option instead of taking the trip prize?

If I Don't Travel, Can I Give Away Vacation Prizes?
I don't travel, but I'd love to win a vacation for my parents. Should I enter to win a trip, even if I don't want to travel? Find the answer in this trip sweepstakes FAQ from About.com Contests.

If I Win a Trip, Can I Pay to Bring Extra Guests?
If you win a trip, could you bring along an extra friend or family member if you are willing to pay their way? Find out here.

If You Win a Vacation, Can You Pay to Extend Your Stay?
If you win a vacation, can you pay to extend my stay for a few more days? Find out in this article from About.com Contests.

Which Taxes Do You Pay on Vacation Prizes?
Depending on the rules of the sweepstakes you win, you may be responsible for more than just income taxes on your vacation prizes. Find out more in this article.

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