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Where to Find Blog Contests

Free Online Listings of Blog Contests and Sweepstakes


Are you looking for blog contests to enter? Here are some of the best free resources for finding blog contests and sweepstakes.

1. Blog Contests in the About.com Sweepstakes Forum

Bloggers, as well as other sweepstakes sponsors, are welcome to leave posts about their contests in the Contests and Sweepstakes List section of the About.com Sweepstakes Forum.

2. Blog Contests at About.com Web Logs

Susan Gunelius, About.com's Guide to Web Logs, has dedicated a section of her forum to blog contests. Here, you'll find the latest contests updated by the bloggers who host them.

3. Blog Contests at ContestBlogger.com's Forums

ContestBlogger.com is a blog dedicated to writing about contests. Its forums include a section just for blog contests, with lots of up-to-date giveaways to enter.

4. Blog Contests at Contest Beat

Contest Beat is a blog about blog contests. They offer a free listing of current blog contests from around the internet.

5. Parent-Themed Blog Contests at Prizey

Prizey specializes in listing the best parent-themed blog contests. Prizey advertises that they check the contest listings carefully to avoid scams and sketchy sites before listing them.

6. Lots of Chances to Win at A Contest Blog

AContestBlog.com offers a nice listing of current blog contests. The list is updated frequently.

7. Well-Organized Blog Contests at Blogging Contests

BloggingContests.com offers a frequently-updated lists of contests in the blogosphere. They also have some nice categories to help you find the contests you want to enter, like "Contests Over $1,000 in Prizes."

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