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Pepsi and Lipton Tea - Brisk Bodega Instant-Win Sweepstakes - EXPIRED



Enter to win a $24,000 car or thousands of prizes like watches, headphones, backpacks, and more from Pepsi and Lipton Tea's Brisk Bodega Instant-Win Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes has expired.

Sweepstakes Links:

  • Sweepstakes Entry Form: http://customgear.briskbodega.com/Brisk
  • Sweepstakes Rules: http://customgear.briskbodega.com/Rules
  • Sweepstakes Homepage: http://www.briskbodega.com/



USA, 13+

Start Date:

July 01, 2013

End Date:

October 23, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Entry Frequency:

Limit of one entry per game code.

Sweepstakes Prizes:

Grand Prize: A 2013 Chevy Camaro and a one-year supply of automotive products. (ARV: $24,094.70)

1st Prizes (150): A G-shock watch. (ARV: $100)

2nd Prizes (350): Monster DNA Headphones w Brisk Skin. (ARV: $229)

3rd Prizes (600): ALIFE Socks. (ARV: $24)

4th Prizes (500): An ALIFE Blue Snapback w. Bodega Patch, artwork Inside. (ARV: $30)

5th Prizes (1,000): An ALIFE Tin case with art wrapped + colored pencil set. (ARV: $15)

6th Prizes (400): An ALIFE Sticker Pack (artwork + Brisk). (ARV: $15)

7th Prizes (400): An ALIFE T-Shirt with custom LRG x Brisk tag with LRG sticker pack. (ARV: $47)

8th Prizes (400): An ALIFE iPhone case w artwork and ALIFE x Brisk branding. (ARV: $28)

9th Prizes (200): An ALIFE Backpacks. (ARV: $48)

Additional Comments:

To enter, you'll need a code, which you can find under the cap of specially-marked 1-Liter bottles and under the tab of 24 oz. cans of Brisk Iced Tea products. You can also get a code without purchase by mail.

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