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How to Remove Faceboook Applications or Restrict Facebook Application Access


When you enter sweepstakes on Facebook, you usually have to give those sweepstakes applications some access to your Facebook page. Depending on the sweepstakes, you might have to agree to give the application access to your basic profile information, the ability to post updates on your wall, and other information.

Over time, you can end up giving access to quite a few applications. To protect your privacy, it's a good idea to review the applications that have access to your Facebook account regularly, and to remove any applications that you no longer use (for example, when the sweepstakes have expired). Here are easy directions on how to remove applications from your Facebook account.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Removing Facebook applications takes only a few seconds, and should be done regularly

Here's How:

  1. Step One: Open Up Your Facebook Privacy Settings

    To access your privacy settings in Facebook, click on the "Account" tab on the upper right-hand side of your Facebook account. Make sure that you're logged into your account first. Then select the "Privacy Settings" link from the available options.
  2. Step Two: Edit Your Settings for Applications and Websites

    Next, look for the "Applications and Websites" section at the bottom left-hand side of the page, and click on the "Edit Settings" link.
  3. Edit Your Settings for the Applications You Use

    Look at the "Applications You Use" section of the page, and click the button on the right-hand side to "Edit Settings." This will show you all of the applications that have access to your Facebook page.
  4. Review Your Facebook Applications

    Now that you have the full list, you can remove Facebook applications you no longer need. Some good reasons to remove these Facebook applications include:
    • You haven't used it for a while, and don't plan to use it anytime soon.
    • You signed up for the application because of a sweepstakes which has since expired.
    • The application requires too much access for the benefit you get from it.
  5. Remove Facebook Applications You Don't Need

    To remove the Facebook applications you don't need anymore, you can either click the X icon next to the application's name or click on "Edit Settings" and select "Remove."
  6. How to Restrict Access of Facebook Applications

    If you don't want to remove a Facebook application, you can also protect your privacy by restricting its access. Usually, when you first agree to give access to a Facebook application, you don't have much control over what permissions you give it. However, by clicking on the "Edit Settings" link next to the application's name in your privacy settings, you can see whether each type of permission is required or not.

    For example, access to basic profile information might be required to use the Facebook application, but the right to post to your wall might not be.

    If a level of access is not required, you'll see the option to "remove" that access. Click on the link to restrict access you've granted Facebook applications.


  1. By reviewing your applications regularly and removing Facebook applications you don't need, you can protect your privacy on Facebook. Try to review your applications at least once every couple of months, more frequently if you enter a lot of Facebook sweepstakes.

What You Need

  • A Facebook account.

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