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Blingo - Win Prizes for Searching the Internet


Who They Are:

Blingo is a company that lets you search the internet and receive the same results as if you used the Google search engine. The twist is that by doing nothing more than your regular internet searches, you can instantly win prizes.

Blingo was purchased by Publishers Clearing House, and is now also known as PCH Search and Win.

Where to Find Their Contests:

There's no specific contest page, just visit the Blingo home page and search the internet. If you win, a winning screen will pop up and let you know how to claim your prize.

You can also refer friends to Blingo. If a friend that you referred wins, you'll receive a prize as well. You will receive a congratulatory email from Blingo with prize claim instructions.

Sweepstakes Categories:

Search and Win Sweepstakes, Instant Win Sweepstakes

Entry Frequency:

The first 25 searches that you make through Blingo each day are eligible to win prizes.

Entry Restrictions:

U.S. Residents aged 13+

Typical Prizes:

Prizes range in size from $5 Amazon gift certificates, music downloads, and free movie tickets to flat screen televisions, computers, and cash prizes. Prizes change on a regular basis. You can also enter Publishers Clearing House's SuperPrize giveaway through PCH Search and Win.

Additional Comments:

There is a very good description of How Blingo Works on the company's web page.

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