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Celebrity Cafe Sweepstakes Profile


Who is TheCelebrityCafe.com?:

The Celebrity Cafe is a website that focuses on entertainment news including celebrity sightings and birthdays, trivia, breaking news, and interviews. They also hold a wide variety of sweepstakes on a regular basis.

Where to Find Their Contests:

Sweepstakes Categories:

Most of the Celebrity Cafe sweepstakes fall under the entertainment or electronics categories. Typical prizes include books, CDs, DVDs, and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii.

Entry Frequency:

Most Celebrity Cafe sweepstakes allow entry daily once per person.

Entry Restrictions:

Most Celebrity Cafe sweepstakes don't list age restrictions. They are usually open to the US, to the US and Canada, or internationally.

When to Visit:

Anytime. Celebrity Cafe sweepstakes generally run for between three and six weeks, and there are usually a bunch of different sweepstakes underway at any given time.

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