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What Are Local Sweepstakes and Where Do I Find Them?


Definition: Local sweepstakes are highly prized by sweepstakes fans, because their odds of winning are better than usual. So what are local sweepstakes, and what makes them better than other sweepstakes?

Local sweepstakes are restricted to a specific area. The area could be just a few states, a single state, or even a county or city.

When the entry area is restricted, the number of potential competitors for the prize is less, so your odds of wining are better. Competition is one of the three factors that influence sweepstakes odds.

Local sweepstakes can be more difficult to find, because they are not advertised as heavily as national sweepstakes. Some places where you can find local sweepstakes include:

Local sweepstakes are just one way that sweepstakes entry can be restricted. Other sweepstakes restrictions include sweepstakes that are only open to people above or below a certain age, sweepstakes only open to people who work in a certain industry, and sweepstakes restricted to just one gender.
This local sweepstakes is open only to residents of Orange County, California.

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