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Man Cave Definition - What is a Man Cave?


Definition: There are many sweepstakes that offer man caves as part of their prize packs. What is a man cave exactly?

Definition of Man Cave

According to most definitions, a man cave is a space in the home where a man can entertain, relax, and enjoy his hobbies without having to worry about his wife's home decor aesthetic. Man caves are a type of modern-day den or study, but they often focus more on fun than work.

Can Women Enjoy Man Caves?

Just because man caves are stereotypically masculine getaways, doesn't mean that man caves are just for men. Many women enjoy the types of entertainment that can typically be found in a man cave, and most sweepstakes prizes that involve man caves would be enthusiastically received by female winners as well. Very few man cave sweepstakes exclude women from entering.

Man Cave Ideas

Man cave is a generic term that can cover many different styles, depending on the interests of the people involved. Are you looking for man cave ideas? Some man cave examples include:

  • Musical Man Cave: A soundproofed basement packed with musical equipment for band practice.
  • High Tech Man Cave: A game room featuring high-tech home theater equipment, the latest video games, and surround-sound.
  • Theater at Home Man Cave: A home cinema with movie theater-style chairs and a popcorn popper.
  • Sports Man Cave: A sports haven with a big-screen TV, a mini-fridge for refreshments, and memorabilia from your favorite sports teams.
  • Home Bar Man Cave: A home bar featuring a saloon-style bar and a pool table.
  • Arcade Man Cave: An old-fashioned arcade with pinball and other console games.
  • Card-Playing Man Cave: A poker room with a gaming table and storage for snacks, drinks, and stacks of cards.
  • Workshop Man Cave: A garage filled with tools and equipment for working with your hands.

For more examples, see the man cave gallery at ManCaveSite.org.

Where In Your Home Can You Put a Man Cave?

A man cave is usually a dedicated space inside or outside your home. It could be a basement or attic room, a spare bedroom or den, or a shed, garage, or barn.

Etymology of the Term "Man Cave"

According to Dictionary.com's 21st Century Lexicon, the term "man cave" started being used in 1992. Wiktionary.com theorizes that "man cave" is a play on the term "cave man."
Also Known As: mantuary, man space, den, game room, rec room, family room
Common Misspellings: mancave
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