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How Long Does it Take to Win Sweepstakes?


Question: How Long Does it Take to Win Sweepstakes?

Why Does Winning Sweepstakes Take So Long?

Patience is Key to Winning Sweepstakes. Many times, people get frustrated and give up because they have been entering for a while and they haven't won any sweepstakes. However, winning sweepstakes is not a quick process. Here is why it usually takes so long to win a prize.
Answer: Let's take the case of Norma, an imaginary sweeper who is really lucky -- but she doesn't know it.

Norma's Tale Begins in June

Norma hears about sweepstakes entry, and is intrigued. She pulls up the About Contests site and enters a big sweep. Neither Norma, nor anyone else, knows that Norma was incredibly lucky -- she's going to win this prize.

Norma's Sweepstakes Ends in December

Nobody knows this yet because the sweepstakes hasn't ended yet -- in fact, it's just barely begun. And like many large sweepstakes, it's going to run for another six months.

In January, the Drawing Begins

When the six months are over, the fulfillment company collects all of the entries and proofs them to weed out the ineligible entries, the duplicates, the obviously fake names and addresses. By the time the drawing process is done, another 4 - 6 weeks have passed. It's now been more than seven months since Norma filled out her entry form.

A Winner is Drawn - But It's Not Norma

Now, I've told you Norma is going to win this prize. However, her name wasn't drawn as the winner. Instead, George from Kansas was the first name to be picked. Sadly for George, but luckily for Norma, George doesn't respond to his winning letter. It's back to the drawing board, to pull another name -- but another two months has gone by.

In April, the Brown Truck Appears at Norma's Door

10 months after Norma entered the sweepstake, she receives a letter that will change her life. She's a winner! Wow, she'd forgotten all about that sweepstake that she entered so long ago! Fired up by her win, Norma starts sweeping again -- but think of all of the prizes she could have won if she had been entering diligently during those 10 months!

10 Months to Win a Prize?

Does it take 10 months or more to win every sweepstake? No, but it can happen. I've received a prize notice more than a year after the sweepstake ended. It is also rare that your very first entry will result in a big win. For most people, it will take months of entering to hit that win.

Don't Lose Hope!

One of my favorite inspirational quotes about winning is from Thomas Edison, who said: "Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." Don't let yourself be one of life's failures. Hang in there, even when it seems to be a very long time since you've won a prize. Your next entry could be the winner.

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