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Why Can't I Use P.O. Boxes to Enter Sweepstakes?


Question: Why Can't I Use P.O. Boxes to Enter Sweepstakes?

I use a P.O. box for my mailing address, but many sweepstakes won't let me use a P.O. number for entries. Why can't I use a P.O. box to enter sweepstakes?


There are two major reasons that I know of why many companies, including those offered by ePrize, don't allow sweepstakes entry from P.O. boxes:

  1. Some Delivery Companies Don't Deliver to P.O. Boxes

    Many delivery companies, like FedEx and UPS, won't deliver to P.O. Boxes. So if the sponsor is planning on using a delivery service to send the prizes out, anyone who entered with a P.O. box would have trouble receiving their wins.

  2. P.O. Boxes Make it Easier to Cheat

    Some people have tried to cheat sweepstakes' entry frequency restrictions by using P.O. boxes to make it appear as if the entry is coming from a different person. Because it's hard to screen out these duplicate addresses, some companies prohibit entry from any P.O. box.

That's why many sweepstakes prohibit entry from P.O. boxes.

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