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How to Get Free Coke Rewards Points

Tips to get MCR Points for free.


Many people ignore those codes found on many Coke bottles and packages, but My Coke Rewards Points are actually quite valuable. You can exchange them for sweepstakes entries, magazine subscriptions, and free merchandise. You can even donate them to your child's school or other charities.

The classic way to get more My Coke Rewards Points is with the purchase of Coke products, but you can also get MCR points for free. Here are some of the top ways to find free Coke Rewards Points without pulling out your wallet:

1. Ask Friends and Family Members to Give You Their MCR Points

Image of a Diet Coke can, one of the products participating in the My Coke Rewards program.
Image © Coca Cola, used with permission.

Some people simply don't want to bother keeping track of their Coke codes. If you have friends or family members who feel that way, ask them if they wouldn't give them to you instead of throwing them away. My sister keeps bottle caps and the tear-off pieces of cardboard from Coke 12-packs in a bag for me, and I just pick them up when I visit her. It's a great way to keep the money she spends on Coke from going to waste.

2. Salvage Free Coke Codes from Litter or the Trash

It's not at all unusual to see a Coke bottle lying on the side of the road or on a pathway in your local park. Do a good deed and pick up that bottle, and you can often salvage a free code while you're at it.

If the bottle is already in the trash (and it's not too gross!) you can take the cap with you to score a free code. Or use your smart phone to add the code to your account on the spot.

3. Sign Up for Emails from My Coke Rewards for Free Points

Join the My Coke Rewards program and allow them to send emails to your sweepstakes email address. Those emails often contain free MCR points, or news about ways to get more free points.

4. Follow Coca Cola on Facebook and Twitter

Coca Cola will sometimes reward their followers on Twitter and Facebook with free points, or with news about free MCR giveaways. If you use those services, follow My Coke Rewards on Facebook or Twitter to be among the first to hear the news.

5. Watch Out for Promotions to Maximize Points

Another reason to sign up for those My Coke Rewards emails is to receive updates about promotions that maximize your points. Sometimes, Coke gives you bonus points for redeeming codes on certain days or if you perform specific actions. Sometimes, they run sweepstakes where you have a good chance of getting free My Coke Rewards points when you redeem your points (the 2012 My Coke Rewards' Million Point Giveaway is a good example). If you know about these promotions, you can leverage the points you have into more free points.

6. Enter Sweepstakes to Win Free MCR Points

Coca Cola and its partners often run sweepstakes with free My Coke Rewards points among the prizes. For example, McDonald's Monopoly Game and Subway's Footlong Appreciation Day Sweepstakes have both given away tens of thousands of free MCR points in the past. Keeping an eye out for these giveaways is a fun way of getting more points for free. And who knows, you might win other great prizes while you're at it.

7. Free MCR Points When You Buy Other Things

Coke often partners with other companies for promotions. Sometimes these partners give away free MCR points when you buy their products. Past partner promotions have given away free MCR points when you bought subs at Subway or specified products at Kroger's.

While it doesn't make sense to buy these items just for the MCR codes, if you were planning on buying them anyway, the extra codes make a nice bonus.

8. Refer Friends to Get Free Coke Rewards Points

Coca Cola would love it if everyone joined their rewards program. Currently, they're giving away a bounty if you help them reach their goals. Refer your friends and family to the program, and you can get free My Coke Rewards points. Plus, you'll be doing them a favor while you're at it.

9. Set Up Google Alerts for Free Coke Rewards Points

Google Alerts are a free and easy way to get notifications about topics that interest you. That link above tells you how to set up alerts on your name to be notified about sweepstakes wins (something I heartily recommend, by the way!). But you can follow the same steps to get notified about free My Coke Rewards points offers. Get a handy email anytime new opportunities to get free points arise? Sure, why not!

Some suggestions for terms to set up alerts for include:

  • Free MCR Points
  • Sweepstakes + MCR points
  • Free My Coke Rewards Points
You might want to play around with the keywords a little bit to determine what works best for you.

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