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How to Improve Your Luck - Stay Motivated and Be Luckier

Good luck is an important factor in winning sweepstakes. However, luck isn't all a matter of chance. Here are tips on staying motivated to enter sweepstakes and to improve your luck so that you win more often.

Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Luck
In order to win sweepstakes, Lady Luck has to be on your side. For your name to be the one to be picked out of hundreds or thousands of entries takes a little push from chance. Here are some of the ways that people use to improve their luck.

10 Steps to a Lucky Attitude - How to Be Lucky
Want to change your luck? Change your attitude. Follow these 10 steps to a lucky attitude and be happier and more successful in your life.

How to Beat Sweepstakes Burnout
Sooner or later, many sweepers start to feel like giving up. We'll show you how to beat sweepstakes burnout and stay enthusiastic about winning!

How You Stay Motivated When You're Not Winning Sweepstakes
Everyone who enters sweepstakes goes through dry spells sometimes. About.com readers share tips on how they stay motivated, even when they're not winning. You can also share your own tips on how to survive dry spells.

Can You Change Your Luck? Or Are You Born (Un)Lucky?
Do you believe that luck is something you can influence? Or are you just "born lucky" (or born unlucky)?

How to Use Pinterest to Win Contests and Sweepstakes
Pinterest is a social media site that people are using to win more. Find out how to use Pinterest to stay motivated and win sweepstakes.

12 Lucky Symbols to Boost Your Chances of Winning
Lucky symbols: some people swear by them, and others think that they're silly. But whether it's possible to influence Lady Luck with a rabbit's foot or a cuddly pig, lucky symbols can be a lot of fun. And anything that makes sweepstakes more fun and you more likely to enter will boost your odds. So if you don't have one already, here are some popular lucky symbols to inspire you.

Have You Ever Won a Sweepstakes Right When You Were About to Give Up?
Are you thinking about giving up on sweepstakes? If so, you might want to read these stories from other About.com readers who won prizes when they were on the verge of quitting. If any of these people had thrown in the towel a little more quickly, they would have missed out on fantastic prizes! See submissions See submissions

How to Make Lucky Charms and Feel Luckier
Can lucky charms really help you win more sweepstakes? Whether or not you believe that you can influence your luck, having a lucky charm can help you have a more positive attitude. And a positive attitude can change your luck . So I've gathered some fun lucky craft projects from around the About.com network to help you come up with your own...

Do You Have a Good Luck Charm?
Do you have a good luck charm that you use to feel luckier? Maybe a lucky pair of socks, or a talisman you have on your computer? Tell us about it here, and read about the lucky charms that other sweepstakes fans use.

How Do You Use Pinterest? Ideas for Using Pinterest
Do you use Pinterest to get inspired, to enter sweepstakes, or to boost your motivation? Share how you use Pinterest, or get tips from other About.com Contests readers.

Test Your Luck with the Are You Lucky? Quiz
Are you lucky? Find out with this quick quiz!

Managing Your Sweepstakes Time - How to Create a Good Mix of Sweepstakes
Learn how to balance your sweepstakes time to maximize your odds and your chances of winning sweepstakes.

Should I Give Up on Winning Sweepstakes?
I've been entering sweepstakes for two months without a single win. Should I give up? Find the answer here.

How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?
How long does it take to win sweepstakes? About.com readers share their experiences.

Sweepstakes Quotes - Inspirational Quotes about Winning
One of the difficult parts about entering sweepstakes is hanging on during dry spells, when wins seem few and far between. These inspirational quotes about winning and luck will help to motivate you to keep entering and help you to win more prizes.

The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman - Can 'The Luck Factor' Make You Luckier?
Can The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman help you win more contests and sweepstakes? I'm always looking for ways to improve my luck, and this book has some very interesting information. It's based on scientific principles, and sheds some light on the whole concept of luck and how you can influence it.

The Secret Review for Sweepstakes Fans
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a book that is often recommended for sweepstakes fans. The About.com Guide to Contests gives her opinion of whether this book is good for sweepers in this review.

Top Resolutions for Sweepers
Would you like to win even more contests and sweepstakes in the New Year? These New Years Resolutions for Sweepers can help you do it! Stick to these resolutions and watch your pile of prizes grow!

How to Use Positive Affirmations
Elizabeth Scott, M.S., About.com's Guide to Stress, describes how and why to create your own positive affirmations. Use affirmations to feel more confident and motivated to win sweepstakes.

Are Lucky Feelings Real?
Are lucky feelings real? Can a lucky feeling really indicate that you're about to win a prize? Sweepers share their experiences with winning feelings, and whether they really work. See submissions

How to Make a Vision Board
A vision board is a good way to have more fun with sweepstakes and win more prizes. Learn how to make your own vision board in this easy tutorial from About.com Contests.

Get Inspired by These Vision Boards, or Share Your Own
Are you thinking of making a vision board? These vision board examples can help you get started. If you already have a vision board, show it off here and help inspire others!See submissions

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