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Should I Give Up on Winning Sweepstakes?


Question: Should I Give Up on Winning Sweepstakes?

I've been entering sweepstakes for two months, and I haven't won a thing. Should I just give up on ever winning?


No! It's far too early to give up on winning sweepstakes after only a few months of entry.

Many people begin to think that if they haven't won any prizes in the first month or two, they'll never win. While some people are lucky enough to win right away, for most people it takes a few months for the prizes to start rolling in. I don't suggest even starting to expect a win until you've been entering for three months.

Remember that it will take a while for the sweepstakes you're entering to end, draw winners, and notify them, so even if you submit an entry that will end up winning on your very first day of entering sweepstakes, it can take a while before you find out about your prize. For some details, read How Long Does It Take to Win Sweepstakes?

The nice thing is that your sweepstakes entries really do snowball. So if you enter every day, once you start winning, the prizes will come much more regularly (barring dry spells, which seem to happen to every sweeper).

Three months or longer can be a long time to keep your motivation to enter sweepstakes going, however. Here are some tips that can help you keep going when you feel like you'll never win again:

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