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How to Be Lucky - Change Your Attitude, Change Your Luck!
Dr. Richard Wiseman is a psychiatrist who has researched luck and its causes. In (The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles (compare prices), Dr. Wiseman reveals that people aren't born lucky or unlucky. In fact, good luck is the result of a good attitude.

I thought the book was very interesting, and I've used its principles to come up with 10 steps to a luckier life. Try these steps to see if they help you win more sweepstakes, be more successful in your life, and become happier.

Expect to Be a Winner

The first step to a winning attitude is to expect to win. When it comes to sweepstakes entries, expecting to win can give you the motivation to continue to enter until the prizes start coming in. If you expect to lose, you'll never have the motivation to keep entering, day after day.

Expecting to win can help in other aspects of your life as well. For example, if you have a job interview, imagine that you've already gotten the job. You'll find yourself less nervous, more confident, and performing better in the interview, making it more likely that you'll actually get a job offer.

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