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Before You Give Up on Sweepstakes - Tips For People Who've Never Won Sweepstakes


I've been entering sweepstakes for months, and I haven't won a thing. Am I doing something wrong? This is one of the most common questions I hear from new sweepers.

Unfortunately, I can't see what you're doing to enter sweepstakes, so I can't tell if you're not winning because you're doing something wrong, but these tips can help you answer the question yourself. So before you give up on entering sweepstakes, try following these simple tips.

Why You're Not Winning: Are You Entering the Right Sweepstakes?

If entering those big-name sweepstakes that everyone's heard of, like the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes or sweepstakes from magazines, you're going to be competing with lots of other people for just a few prizes. But not all sweepstakes are so hard to win. By targeting your efforts toward sweepstakes with better odds, you can increase your odds of being a winner.

Why You're Not Winning: Are You Maximizing Your Odds?

Only one part of winning sweepstakes is luck. The rest is being a smarter sweeper. There are only 3 factors that influence sweepstakes odds, and by tweaking those factors to your advantage, you can be on your way to turning your luck around.

Why You're Not Winning: Are You Doing Something Wrong?

Yes, there are things that you could be doing that are lowering your chances of winning. Are you skipping over the sweepstakes rules? Do you have a typo in your sweepstakes information that's keeping sponsors from reaching you? Are you avoiding picking up the phone if you don't recognize the caller's number? These and other common sweepstakes mistakes can be keeping you from becoming a winner.

Why You're Not Winning: Are You Being Patient Enough?

The hardest thing about sweepstakes for a new sweeper is that you haven't had any proof that people really do win sweepstakes. Sadly, most people don't win overnight, and when you've been entering for months with no proof of a payoff, it's easy to give up. But many people have won when they were on the verge of giving up, and your very next entry could be the one that wins. Stick with it, and focus on the fun of entering, the friendly sweepstakes community, and the excitement of thinking about what you could win, and the prizes will follow.

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