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How To Use Call Forwarding to Ensure You Never Miss a Win


Many sponsors notify winners by telephone. Some will leave messages, but most attempt to call a specific number of times and, if unsuccessful, simply move on to the next potential winner.

One way to ensure that you never miss a winning notification is to use the call forwarding feature of your telephone. Most telephone companies provide this service free of charge, enabling callers to reach you even when you are not by your home phone.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Pick up the telephone of the number you want to forward from. Listen for a dial tone, then enter the call forwarding code. On most telephones, the call forwarding code is *72, but check out this Wikipedia table of call forwarding codes, or ask your local phone company to be sure.
  2. Enter the phone number where you want to receive calls.
  3. The number where you want to receive your calls will start ringing. Answer the telephone if you are able. If you are not near the second number, repeat the first two steps to confirm the number.
  4. All telephone calls to the first number will now ring through at the second number as if that number had been called in the first place.
  5. When you are ready to receive calls at your first number again, lift the receiver and dial the call forwarding cancellation code. The most common cancellation code is *73, but check out the Wikipedia table, or ask your local phone company.


  1. You can forward calls to a cell phone or to your work telephone number, if that is acceptable with your place of business.
  2. Some sweepers use a second telephone line to enter calls, and forward it to their main number with a special ring tone. This makes it easy to recognize sweepstakes-related calls, and to forward only those when they go out.

What You Need

  • Main telephone number
  • Second telephone number where you can receive calls when you're out of the house

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