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How To Multiply Your Chances of Winning with Sweepstakes Referrals


As you know, the more times you enter a sweepstake, the higher your chances of winning will be. But with restrictions on the number of times that you can enter per day or per contest, how can you increase your chances of winning without breaking the sweepstakes rules? We'll show you how to multiply your chances of winning by using sweepstakes referrals.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Learning how to use sweepstakes referrals should take about five minutes.

Here's How:

  1. Understand the Purpose of Sweepstakes Referrals - A Win-Win Situation for You and the Sponsor

    Many sweepstakes and contests award additional entries or chances to win for giving them referrals - that is, for giving them the email addresses of friends and family members who would like to hear about their sweepstakes. Using this 'Tell a Friend' option, you can receive an additional chance to enter for each friend that you refer, or you can win a prize if a friend enters and wins.
  2. Learn How Sweepstakes Referrals Work

    If you're using your family and close friends as referrals, you want to know in advance what kind of information they are going to receive and whether they will be added to any mailing lists. Plus, you might want to know what kind of reward you will get for using referrals.
  3. Find People Who Don't Mind Being Used as a Referral

    Don't aggravate your friends and family by swamping them with unexpected offers and sweepstakes information. Make sure that you have permission before using any emails for sweepstakes referrals.
  4. How NOT to Get Sweepstakes Referrals

    It's important not to go overboard and try to "trick" the sweepstakes sponsors into giving you extra entries. Not only is this disrespectful to the companies who are supplying you with the chance to win, but it can also cause you to be disqualified from the sweepstakes altogether. Be sure to avoid using fake email addresses, addresses from people you don't know, and addresses that you're not sure are correct.

What You Need

  • Referral sweepstakes
  • Email addresses of people willing to hear more about sweeps

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