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Unlimited Entry Sweepstakes - Are They Worth Entering?

Are You Wasting Your Time Entering Unlimited Sweepstakes?


Are unlimited sweepstakes worth entering? Here's a question that I often receive in my sweepstakes mailbag:
Is it worthwhile entering unlimited sweepstakes? I often feel that someone with a lot more time on their hands than I have will send in so many entries that it's not even worth my time to bother. What do you think? Should I just forget about ever winning sweepstakes that allow unlimited entries?

Unlimited Sweepstakes' Odds May Be Long - Does That Mean You Shouldn't Enter?

It's true that some people will enter unlimited sweepstakes more than others, and if you're not planning on spending all your time on one sweepstakes (which I don't recommend), your odds of winning may be long.

But I don't recommend ignoring unlimited sweepstakes altogether. If it's a prize you want to win, drop at least one entry in. Even if winning is a long shot, you don't have any chance of winning at all if you don't enter.

If it's a nice prize or a lot of prizes are being awarded, I usually treat unlimited entry sweepstakes like daily sweepstakes. It gives me a fair number of chances to win without taking up too much of my sweepstakes time.

If it's a prize you really want to win, and you have extra time on your hands, feel free to enter even more often. If you're persistent, you can raise your odds. If you're lucky, not too many other people will be doing the same thing.

Unlimited Sweepstakes Can Be a Part of a Good Sweepstakes Mix

I like to have a good mix of sweepstakes among my daily entries. I take some sweepstakes that I think have good odds (see What Are the Best Sweepstakes to Enter? to learn how to decide which sweepstakes have the best odds), some with "dream" prizes with long odds of winning, and some in the middle. By varying the types of sweepstakes I enter, I end up with a good mix of prizes, both big and small, while doing my best to avoid long dry spells.

There's no reason why you shouldn't add unlimited sweepstakes with attractive prizes to your sweepstakes mix. Just make sure that you they don't take up too much of your sweepstakes time.

Where to Find Unlimited Sweepstakes

Want to try your luck at sweepstakes where you can enter as often as you like? Check out the Unlimited and Odd Entry Sweepstakes List to find all of the current unlimited-entry sweepstakes listed on About.com Contests.

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