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How to Use Texter to Enter More Sweepstakes


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How to Use Texter to Enter First and Last Name on Sweepstakes Forms
I'm pretty quick at typing my first and last name. Neither one alone really slows me down. However, a whole lot of sweepstakes forms ask you to type in your first name, hit the "tab" key to go to the next field, and then type in your last name. So many do this, in fact, that I set up a Texter shortcut to do it for me.

Here are the steps for setting up a shortcut to enter your first name, hit the tab key, and then enter your last name using Texter.

  1. Open Texter by double-clicking on it in the system tray.
  2. Click on the Plus Button (marked +) underneath the Hotstring box to create a new shortcut.
  3. Put in an easy to remember and easy-to-type name for your Hotstring (shortcut) in the appropriate box. I've used "flnm" for first-last-name, but you can choose anything you like.
  4. Because we'll be asking Texter to do more than just pasting text (we'll also be asking it to tab), select "Script" from the drop-down box. (Default is "Text").
  5. Click on the box that says "Enter your replacement text here..." Enter the following text: YOURFIRSTNAME{Tab}YOURLASTNAME (replace YOURFIRSTNAME and YOURLASTNAME with the appropriate text. Mine looks like Sandra{Tab}Grauschopf).
  6. Choose the trigger you'd like to use. The trigger is what makes the text replacement happen. I personally use Tab, but you can pick whatever you want. If you want the replacement to happen as soon as you type your Hotstring, then select Instant.
  7. Click the "OK" button.
  8. Test your text by going to a sweepstakes entry form that asks for your first name, a tab, and your last name. Click on the first name field and type your hotstring. Your text should automatically appear.

If you would like to have your shortcuts for your first and last name without tabbing, see the following page.

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