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Winning Radio Contests - Boost Your Chances to Win Radio Station Giveaways

How to Win Radio Contests and Call-In Sweepstakes


Phone-in radio contests are excellent sweepstakes to try to win because the number of entries is much lower than most sweepstakes. Only people in your area who are listening at the right time will be able to enter, and a good portion of the ones who are listening won't bother to try to win. This means that your chances of winning are very high. Furthermore, by entering intelligently, you can boost your chances even more. Here's how:

1. Listen to Different Radio Stations

In order to stay abreast of current radio sweepstakes, listen to a couple of different radio stations whenever you have the time. Get to know the stations' patterns, like when they announce their "song of the day" and which DJs are more likely to hold competitions. Remember that some stations offer streaming audio of their stations so that you can listen to them on your computer, even when you are not near a radio.

2. Get Organized

Take good notes about the sweepstakes offered by your different stations. For example, if they announce an upcoming sweep, write down the date, time, station name, and telephone number in a calendar. Also write down information like the song or sound you need to listen to hear and any hints or tips the DJ might offer.

3. Set Up Reminders

Set up reminders to warn you ten to fifteen minutes before radio sweepstakes are about to go live. Email programs such as Outlook, calendar programs, digital watches, cell phones, and PDAs usually offer easy-to-use reminders.

4. Add Radio Station Phone Numbers to Speed Dial

Most radio stations use the same telephone numbers to call in for all of their sweepstakes. Add these numbers to the speed dial of your telephone or cell phone so that you don't risk misdialing when you make your call.

5. Be Persistent

Once the radio sweepstakes goes live, you should call over and over again as quickly as possible. Don't give up if it seems like a lot of time has gone past; some stations wait a while before they start picking winners. Don't give up until the winner is announced on the air.

6. Use Flash and Redial

You want to be sure to get as many calls in to the station as quickly as possible. If your phone has flash and redial buttons, this will speed up your call time. Flash hangs up the phone more quickly, and redial will save you the time of entering the number by hand or scrolling to your saved speed dial every time. Just be sure that you don't hang up so quickly that you mistake a ring for a busy signal!

7. Use More Than One Phone

If you have two telephones - such as a house phone and a cell phone - available, dial with both at the same time. This will double your chances of getting through.

8. Regular Phones are Faster

Cell phones usually take a little bit longer to dial and to hang up than regular phones. If you have your choice, enter with a regular phone. However, it's better to try to enter with a cell than to have no chance of winning at all!

9. Cancel Extraneous Phone Services

Your phone company might have extra services, such as three-way calling, available on your phone line, even if you never use them. By canceling services you don't use, you may be able to speed up your connection and hang up times.

10. Get a Little Help From Your Friends

Team up with your local sweepstakes club or with interested friends to help each other win. Your radio sweepstakes group can share information about sweepstakes and listen for announcements of winning names, greatly increasing your chances of winning.
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