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Instant Win Sweepstakes - Tips and Advice about Instant Win Games

Instant win sweepstakes are easy to enter and a blast to win. Instead of waiting for a win notification to arrive by mail, email, or telephone call you find out whether you've won or not as soon as your entry has gone through. Many instant wins also offer games to play to increase the fun.

What Are Instant Win Sweepstakes?
Learn what instant win sweepstakes are, how they work, and how they can benefit you.

How are Winners Drawn? Do Entry Times Matter?
Instant win sweepstakes are one of the few times when it matters when you enter sweepstakes. Find out why, and how to improve your chances of winning instants.

How to Take Screen Shots of Instant Wins
Learn how to take screen shots of instant wins so that you have evidence that you won a prize.

How to Beat Sweepstakes Burnout
Instant win sweepstakes are a great way to revitalize your interest in entering sweeps. Discover more tips here.

FreeInstantWinGames - Instant Win Sweepstakes Directory
Review of a sweepstakes directory that focuses on instant win sweepstakes.

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