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Lotteries and Winning Numbers - Entering and Winning Lotteries

Are you interested in winning the lottery? Here are tips about how to enter and win lotteries.

Lottery Results - Winning Numbers for US Lotteries by State
Looking for winning lottery numbers? Find the lottery results for each of the US states, plus information about multi-state lotteries.

Can Non-US Residents Play to Win the Lottery?
Find out who can buy tickets to win US lotteries. Do you have to be a US resident? Do you have to have a green card?

Lottery Pools - What They Are, and How They Work
A lottery pool could be your key to getting more chances to win lotteries without spending more money. Read this article to find out how.

Avoiding Lottery Pool Problems
Have you heard news reports about lottery pools that dissolved into bickering, lawsuits, and hard feelings when they won? Here are tips for running a safe and fair lottery pool that will avoid problems and protect all of the participants.

Lottery Pool Contract Questions
A sampling of the questions your lottery pool contract should answer.

Are Lottery Pools Legal?
Want to start a lottery pool? Here's how to find out whether lottery pools are legal for you.

Powerball - How to Play the Powerball Lottery
What is the Powerball Lottery? Where can you play Powerball, and how does it work? Find out in this article.

Lottery Winners' Stories - Tips from Lottery Winners
Does anyone ever win the lottery? Read lottery winner stories, where people just like you share their experiences winning the lottery. See submissions

How to Win the Lottery: Lottery-Winning Tips that Really Work
Try these 5 common-sense tips that really can help you win the lottery.

Apple Opens iPhone Apps to Sweepstakes and Lotteries. What Do You Thin
Changes in Apple's iPhone Development Agreement will allow sweepstakes and lotteries to be run directly through iPhone apps that you can purchase for your phone. Do you think this is a good idea or not?

Small Town In Italy Home to $211.8 Million Superenalotto Lottery Winne
Europe was gripped with lottery fever, as the jackpot in Italy's Superenalotto soared. Tourists from neighboring countries were visiting Italy for the sole purpose of buying tickets and dreaming about hitting a huge prize. But the winner of the $211.8 million jackpot was from a tiny Italian village.

Are Lottery Pools Good or Bad?
Lottery players share their experiences with lottery pools, good and bad.

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