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Mail-In Sweepstakes - Tips and Advice About Entering by Mail

Many sweepers love mail-in sweepstakes because fewer people make the effort to enter them, making their chances higher than online sweepstakes. Here you will find advice about how to save money and improve your chances of winning sweepstakes that you enter through the mail.

Online Sweepstakes or Mail-In Sweepstakes - Which are the Best?
Are you more likely to win prizes with online sweepstakes? What are the advantages of focusing on mail-in contests? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of

Top 10 Supplies for Mail-In Sweepstakes
Learn how to put together a kit with all of the essential supplies that you will need for mail-in sweepstakes.

How to Decorate a Mail-In Sweepstakes Envelope
Fun ideas to help you create bright and colorful sweepstakes entry envelopes - which might just improve your chances of winning.

How to Create Return Address Labels for Sweepstakes Entry
Create personalized return address to make entering mail-in sweepstakes quicker and easier.

Tips to Save Money with Mail-In Sweepstakes
Stamps, envelopes, postcards, decorations... mail-in sweepstakes entries can really start to add up once you total the costs! Here are some great ways to save money while still keeping your chances of winning high.

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