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What Is the Monopoly Game at McDonald's?


What Is the Monopoly Game at McDonald's?:

McDonald's Monopoly Game is an annual sweepstakes that has been running since 2008. It offers big prizes worth up to a million dollars through game pieces that come with designated McDonald's food.

What Prizes are Awarded in the Monopoly Game?:

McDonald's Monopoly generally offers a million dollar grand prize and many other cash prizes, as well as free Mcdonald's food, consumer electronics, coupons for retail stores, and more.

How Do You Play McDonald's Monopoly Game?:

The exact rules vary from year to year, but the Monopoly Sweepstakes revolves around game pieces that you can get from purchasing McDonald's food products.

Other than purchasing McDonald's food, you can also get game pieces by sending in for them by mail. McDonald's and some of its partners also offers free game pieces from time to time.

How Do You Use Monopoly Game Pieces from McDonald's?:

Monopoly game pieces can win through:

  • Instant Win Prizes: Some game pieces have prizes printed directly on them. If your game piece has an instant prize on it, redeem it at McDonald's locations.
  • Collect-and-Win Prizes: Game pieces that are not instant winners have locations printed on them which roughly correspond to the locations on Monopoly boards. One of the pieces in each set is rare.
  • McDonald's Monopoly Online Game: Collect-and-Win game pieces also have codes that you can use to enter the online portion of the sweepstakes. Note that the online game results won't match the locations printed on the game pieces.

Monopoly at McDonald's Goes Social:

McDonald's has also started integrating social and mobile media into their Monopoly Game. Players can follow McDonald's on Twitter for Monopoly updates (@McDonalds), play through a Facebook application (available at http://www.facebook.com/mcdonalds) or check winning pieces on the go by texting their codes to 96363.

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