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Beware of McDonald's Monopoly Game Piece Trading Scams

Don't Fall for "I've Got Boardwalk, You've Got Park Place, Let's Trade!" Scams


Every year, when the McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes is in full swing, you'll see offers all over the internet offering to trade game pieces. Please note that most, if not all, of these offers are scams.

For example, some people will say that they have Boardwalk, and they are willing to split the money with anyone who has Park Place.

However, this makes zero sense. Park Place is a very common common piece, whereas Boardwalk is extraordinarily rare. According to the 2011 McDonald's Monopoly rules, the chances of getting Boardwalk are 1 in more than 618 million. The odds of getting Park Place are 1 in 11. So who on earth would offer to give $500,000 cash in order to avoid having to spend a few bucks on stamps to request free codes until Park Place arrives? Answer: scammers.

Oftentimes, the scam works something like this: after you contact the person who supposedly has Boardwalk, he (or she) says that he'll sell you the piece for a fraction of the final payout. Of course, if you do it, you're out your money and the game piece never arrives.

Another possibility is that the scammer will offer to pay you for your rare game piece. You'll send off the game piece, but you'll never receive the cash.

Don't fall for it. If you have a Rare McDonald's Monopoly game piece, your chances of winning are really high. Buy a few more fries or drinks, or send in for a few game pieces by mail, and you'll be set. If you have a common game piece, know that you're not significantly closer to winning until that rare game piece shows up. Even the most common collect-and-win game piece (Mediterranean Avenue) has odds of 1 in 61,811 of finding it.

So if you see an offer to split a big prize for a common game piece, just ignore it. Do not give your contact information to anyone with such and offer, and certainly do not send them any money. However, don't forget that even common game pieces can lead you to a win. Wou have two chances of winning with your collect-and-win pieces, so be sure to enter the codes into the online games for a sweepstakes entry and a chance to win instantly.

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