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Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sweepstakes Club


Filling out entry forms over and over again can be a lonely pastime, especially since it takes a good win before friends and family members get caught up in the craze. When you are entering alone, without any encouragement or feedback, it is easy to get discouraged.

One solution is to join a sweepstakes club. Clubs are groups of fellow sweepers who get together on a regular basis to help each other win more contests and sweepstakes. Here are five of the top reasons why joining a sweepstakes club can improve your chances of winning and help you enjoy sweeping even more:

1. Motivation and Encouragement

Other sweepers are a great source of motivation. Club members share stories about their recent wins, congratulate you when you receive a prize, and help each other get through dry spells when winnings are scarce.

2. Share News about Local Sweepstakes

Local sweepstakes have some of the best chances to win because the number of entries is much lower than national sweepstakes receive. However, hearing about them in time to enter can be difficult. Sweepstakes club members pool their knowledge to help locate great local sweeps before they end.

3. Swap Entry Forms

To enter many local sweepstakes you need to send your entry information on an official entry blank (OEB). If you don't happen to visit the location that is offering the sweepstake, you won't be able to enter.

However, sweepstakes club members will pick up extra entry forms and bring them to meetings so that their fellow members can fill them out. This helps you enter sweepstakes that you would never know about otherwise.

4. Trade Contest Tips, Hints, and Strategies

Is there anything about your sweeping strategy that could be improved? Talking to other experienced sweepers can help you find out. Learn tips from organizational strategies to new ways to avoid disqualification and win more regularly at every meeting.

5. Group Giveaways and Exchanges

Any get-together that features people who love sweepstakes is likely to have its own giveaways and exchanges. Some clubs use low annual membership fees to pitch in for door prizes, while others will ask members to bring a few stamps or envelopes to participate in a drawing for sweepstakes supplies.

It's also very common that members will bring unwanted prize wins to swap or give away at every meeting. A win that disappointed a fellow member could be exactly what you wanted to win!

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