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Odd Entry Sweepstakes Definition



In the rules of every sweepstakes, you'll find the entry frequency -- how often you're allowed to enter. Most of the time, sweepstakes will have regular entry periods: daily sweepstakes, for example, or sweepstakes you can enter only once. Odd entry sweepstakes, however, are the exception.

Odd entry sweepstakes have entry frequencies that don't fall under one of the regular entry periods.

Examples of Odd Entry Sweepstakes

Here are some examples of sweepstakes with odd entry frequencies:
  • Sweepstakes that you can enter once every two weeks, or every three days.
  • Sweepstakes where you can enter after every participating NASCAR race, where the races don't take place every week.
  • Sweepstakes that you can enter once per entry period, and the entry periods are irregular. One entry period may last a week, the next only a few days, and the next, two or three weeks.
  • Sweepstakes where the entry period depends on something else: for example, the rules might allow you to enter once per child, or once per room in your home, or once per recipe category.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Odd Entry Sweepstakes

It can be difficult to remember to enter odd entry sweepstakes every time that you're allowed to. It takes some effort to ensure that you receive your maximum entries, thus maximizing your odds of winning.

On the other hand, your competition has the same problem. If you really want to win, making the effort to maximize your entries could give you an edge over other entrants who aren't as dedicated. Using a reminder program to help you remember when to return and enter again is a good way to ensure you get the most entries possible. About.com's Guide to Home Businesses has reviewed some helpful to-do and reminder programs that might help. If you use the Outlook email program, you can also set up reminder in your calendar.

Also Known As:

other entry frequency sweepstakes

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