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What Are Second Chance Drawings in Sweepstakes?



Second-chance drawings give entrants another chance to win after a regular sweepstakes entry period has ended.

This usually takes place when there's a good chance that some prizes, especially instant-win prizes, will go unclaimed. Game pieces awarded inside candy wrappers are a good example. If the winning candies are not bought during the sweepstakes entry period, or if the winner discards the wrapper without noticing that he or she has won a prize, that prize could be awarded in a second-chance drawing.

Second-chance drawing winners can be drawn from the pool of people who have already entered the main sweepstakes, or they can be presented as a separate entry period with its own drawing. It's a good idea to check the rules to see if you need to take any additional steps to be eligible to win second-chance prizes.

Also Known As:

2nd chance drawings, second chance sweepstakes, second chance promotions, 2nd chance promotions, 2nd chance sweepstakes


For example, say that a popular beverage company holds an under-the-cap giveaway, where people enter codes found under bottle caps of sodas into a website to find out whether they've won a prize. As you can imagine, many people won't check their codes to find out if they're winners, so many of those prizes won't be awarded during the regular sweepstakes period. A second-chance sweepstakes gives the sponsor an alternative way to award these unclaimed prizes.

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