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How to Win Halloween Costume Contests


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Step 1: Read the Costume Contest Rules. Carefully.
How to Win Halloween Costume Contests

Children waiting for their chance to win a Halloween costume contest.

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Every Halloween, websites, local companies, and even friends' parties give you chances to win prizes for your costume. If you'd like to take best in show this year, follow these four easy steps to learn how to win Halloween costume contests.

Winning Halloween Costume Contests Step 1: Read the Rules. Carefully.

When you first hear about a Halloween costume contest that you want to enter, your first instinct might be to start brainstorming ideas right away. But hold on a minute; before you start thinking about costumes and props, read through the costume contest's rules thoroughly. Maybe even more than once.

It doesn't matter how great your Halloween costume idea is if you get disqualified on a technicality. So jot down guidelines for entry, the goal of the costume, the end date, and other pertinent details to make sure that your entry will be accepted.

While you're at it, also think about the costume contest's sponsor. You may have a leg-up on the competition if your Halloween contest entry ties into the sponsor's product or image.

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