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Publishers Clearing House Contact Number - How to Contact PCH


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Want to get in touch with PCH? Here's how.

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Question: Publishers Clearing House Contact Number - How to Contact PCH
I've received a win notification from PCH, and I'd like to verify that it's real. Where can I find the Publishers Clearing House contact number?
Answer: The Publishers Clearing House name is often misused for sweepstakes scams. To find out whether you've received a legitimate win notification or a scam, you can use the Publishers Clearing House contact number that they've reserved just for sweepstakes inquiries: 1-800-392-4190. (If that number doesn't work for you, check the PCH Customer Service website for the latest information on how to contact them).

You can also send questions about Publishers Clearing House scams to their email address: abuse@pch.com. If you receive a scam email, it's quick and easy to forward it to PCH using this contact method.

If you're want to contact Publishers Clearing House to have your name removed from their mailing list, visit this page: How do I remove my name and address from PCH's mailing list?.

If you want to let PCH know that you no longer want to receive their emails, visit the Publishers Clearing House Unsubscribe Request Page.

If you ordered a product from Publishers Clearing House and want to return it (and remember, a purchase is NEVER required to enter a PCH sweepstakes, and making a purchase will NEVER affect your chances of winning), see this page: How do I return my Publishers Clearing House merchandise order?

For any other questions about how to contact Publishers Clearing House, visit the PCH.com Customer Service Page.

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