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Real Sweepstakes Winners - Winning Stories from People Just Like You

One of the most common reasons why people don't enter sweepstakes is that they believe that no one ever wins them. However, every seasoned sweeper knows that nothing could be farther from the truth - all sweepstakes have their winners, and there's no reason why you can't be one of them. Pump up your motivation by reading winning stories from people just like yourself who have won amazing prizes.

Do People Really Win Sweepstakes?
Do people really win sweepstakes? The answer is a resounding yes! Read winning stories from real people who have won amazing sweepstakes prizes.

How Did You Win Your First Prize?
Winners share tips and advice that helped them win their first sweepstakes prize.

Don Cruz Talks About How It Feels to Win the HGTV Dream Home
Don Cruz won the HGTV Dream Home in 2005. He kept the home for three years, then had to sell it. Read all about his experiences as a big winner.

Natalie Bostelman Wins a Million from Publisher's Clearing House
Not many people have won a million dollars. Not many people have given away a million dollars, either, but Natalie Bostelman has done both. Here's what she had to say about her experience.

Ikea Contest Winner Gets $100,000 to Improve Lives through Assistance Dogs
Kyria Henry became a real winner when she entered Ikea's Life Improvement Sabbatical Contest, not just for herself, but for the kids and vets that her assistance dog project helps. Read how it felt to win this $100,000 prize, plus her winning tips.

Winners' Stories on the About.com Sweepstakes Forum
This section of the About.com Sweepstakes Forum is dedicated to winners' stories. Get motivated by reading about the wins that other sweepers have achieved, or brag about your own wins and get kudos from other readers.

Interview with McDonald's Monopoly Winner Michele B.
How does it feel to win a life-changing prize? Find out with this interview from Michele B., who won $100,000 in McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes in 2008.

Sweepstakes Winners and Their Prizes
Do you ever wonder who really wins sweepstakes? Here is a photo album full of real winners and their prizes. Get motivated to be a winner!

How Does It Feel to Win a Big Prize? Read Charl's Story
Do you want to know how it feels to win a big prize? Charl describes her experiences on a big trip to Egypt that she won through Dr. Pepper.

Lucky Win Convinces Liz to Start Sweeping - and Win Thousands of $$
Liz describes how a lucky win got her on the track to winning trips, big gift certificates, and much more.

Brand New 2006 Car Win from Pontiac
Alex Rubin talks about his experience winning a brand new Pontiac from the Pontiac - Pick Your Performance Machine Sweepstakes.

Radio Contest Win to Party With Madonna
Read about Suzy's amazing win - the chance to attend a private pajama party with Madonna from a local radio station.

Basketball Tickets Won Through a Radio Contest
Winning Stories: Davy and his grandfather have the time of their lives, thanks to a sweepstakes win from a radio contest.

Mini Fridge Win from the Mountain Dew - Transform Your Summer Sweepstakes
Joel Spackman describes how he won some fun sweepstakes prizes by simply buying a product he enjoys.

Carol Earhart's Trip to Texas from the CMT Great State of Texas Sweepstakes
Carol Earheart, winner of the 2006 CMT Great State of Texas Sweepstakes, describes how much fun she had on this amazing prize win.

What Was the First Prize You Won in 2010?
What was the first prize you won in the year 2010? Big or small, share 2010's first prize here.

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