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Radio Contest Win to Party With Madonna

Suzy Tells Us About Her Favorite Win


Suzy took advantage of the great odds that local radio contests have to win a once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend a pajama party with pop icon Madonna!

Hi. My name is Suzy. Back in March of 1995, there was a contest going on at a local radio station. The prize was to go to Madonna's "Pajama Party" at Webster Hall in NYC. According to the radio station, you had to be the "10th" caller and I was!! I asked a friend of mine to go with me (Scott), as I know that he loves Madonna as much as I do. This party was the release of her CD "Bedtime Stories."

First of all, I couldn't believe I won, as I only phoned the radio station about three times and when I finally got through, the DJ announced that I was, indeed the 10th caller, and I won tickets to go to NYC. I live in Boston, so the bus ride wasn't that bad.

Madonna's Pajama Party was not open to the public, it was open to only contest winners and other celebs that wanted to go there... I did see two celebrities! I saw Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy).

The party was telecast live on MTV that evening and Madonna wore a beautiful, blue, long nightgown with gorgeous heels. We were asked to wear pajamas and NOT to bring cameras. I went to Victoria Secret a few days before going to NYC to buy satin pajamas and a matching robe. My friend just wore the typical striped male pjs.

We stayed at Webster Hall until 4am. Scott and I happened to be standing around near the exit when all of a sudden, Madonna's bodyguards yelled for everyone to back up... Then I saw her. Madonna was exiting Webster Hall. I was only 5 feet away from her, and she is so tiny! She's not tall at all. She was so thin, blonde, and short! She didn't smile while leaving, in fact, to me, she looked tired, like the rest of us.

It was an evening I will never forget. I have called in to this radio station again, but haven't gotten that lucky since.

This was the best contest I ever won!!!

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