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Great Gifts for Sweepstakes Fans

Fun Sweepstakes-Related Presents for Any Occasion


If you have a friend, relative, coworker, or loved one who enters sweepstakes, gifts that help them enjoy their hobby even more are a great way to celebrate a birthday, Christmas, or other gift-giving occasion. Here are some great gift ideas for sweepstakes fans to get you started.

1. Books about Sweepstakes Make Great Gifts

Sweepstakes books are a great way to learn more about the sweepstakes hobby. Various books focus on winning tips and secrets, methods of improving your luck or achieving a positive attitude, or perspectives on what it's like to enter and win contests. If your sweepstakes fan loves to curl up with a good book, this list is a great place to go for gift ideas.

2. Make a Gift Basket Full of Sweepstakes Supplies

Sweepstakes that you enter by mail often have better odds than online sweepstakes, but they require an investment in supplies and postage. That's why so many sweepstakes fans adore gifts that include a selection of supplies that they can use to enter.

Putting together a fun basket full of Forever Stamps, brightly-colored postcards, envelopes (you could even decorate envelopes yourself), and similar items will totally delight any sweepstakes fan.

For inspiration, see my Top Supplies for Mail-In Sweepstakes article.

3. Give the Gift of Time with a Roboform Subscription

Roboform is an automatic form-filling program that can save your loved one tons of time while entering sweepstakes. That time could be spent getting more entries, which could result in more wins, or pursuing other hobbies.

There is a free version of Roboform available, but the functions are limited. Many sweepstakes fans settle for this version, however, rather than paying for the full version.

At $30 for a lifelong subscription, Roboform is an affordable gift that your favorite sweepstakes fan can enjoy for years to come. Just make sure that they don't already have the full version first.

4. Lottery Scratch-Off Cards - A Chance for a Win On the Spot

A fun gift idea for someone who loves to win is a pile of lottery scratch-off cards. You can give them the chance to hit a jackpot on the spot. Because lottery scratch-off cards come in a variety of values, they make a very flexible gift for sweepstakes fans -- just pick the number of cards that fits your budget. Plus, they're readily available, even on holidays, at your local gas station or convenience store, so they're perfect if you're looking for a last-minute gift in a pinch.

5. Gifts of Toys to Represent Prizes

Show your favorite sweepstakes fan that you believe in them by giving them a gift of a toy representation of a prize you know they want to win. Some ideas include:

These gifts will not only put a smile on your sweepstakes fan's face, but they can also help motivate them to focus on the prizes they want the most. Maybe they'll even win as a result of your gift!

6. Lucky Charm Gifts to Increase their Luck

If you feel lucky, you are lucky, and lucky charms can help any sweepstakes fan feel like they have the Midas touch. Some ideas include:

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