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Sweepstakes 101 - Introduction to Contests and Sweepstakes

Want to learn how to enter sweepstakes and contests? If so, this is the place to start! Learn about how contests and sweepstakes work, what the rules mean, the differences between different types of sweepstakes, and much more!
  1. How to Enter Sweepstakes (?)
  2. Got Questions? (?)
  3. Real Sweepstakes Winners (?)
  4. Sweepstakes Laws (?)
  5. Technical Assistance (?)
  6. Scripps/HGTV Sweepstakes (?)
  7. McDonald's Monopoly Game (?)
  8. Publishers Clearing House (?)
  9. Sweepstakes Glossary (?)
  10. Sweepstakes Tools & Reviews (?)
  11. Sweepstakes Community (?)
  12. 2011 Readers' Choice Awards (?)
  13. Fun with Sweepstakes (?)
  14. Stretch Your Budget with Sweepstakes (?)
  15. Paying Taxes on Prizes (?)

Introduction to Contests and Sweepstakes
Learn the basics about contests and sweepstakes - what they are, what rules govern them, and why sponsors offer great prizes for free.

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Sweepstakes Tips for Beginners
Tips and hints to walk you through the process of entering sweepstakes from beginning to end.

What Kinds of Sweepstakes Can I Enter?
Sweepstakes can be broken down by a number of different categories. Learn about the different types of sweepstakes to help you find the ones you most want to enter.

You CAN Win Sweepstakes
Have you been putting off entering sweepstakes because you don't think you can ever win? Find out what it takes to really win sweepstakes - it's easier than you expect!

How to Change Your Sweepstakes Email Address
Find out how to change the email address that you use for sweepstakes entries, while losing as few of your sweepstakes entries as possible.

Share Your Tips for Switching Sweepstakes Email Addresses
I had to change the email address I use to enter sweepstakes unexpectedly when my email provider went out of business overnight. About.com readers share their tips for making a smooth transition between email addresses, without wasting their sweepstakes entries.

Why Enter Sweepstakes - Top Reasons Why People Love Sweeping
If your odds of winning sweepstakes are so long, why should you bother entering? Learn about some of the top reasons why people love sweeping, aside from the prizes they can win.

Top Sweepstakes Myths
Throughout my years of entering sweepstakes, I've heard some of the same myths repeated over and over again. Here, I'll do my best to dispel some of the most common sweepstakes myths and misconceptions.

Sweepstakes from a Sponsor's Perspective
Tommy Rollins, who was in charge of sweepstakes at Circuit City before the electronics retailer went out of business, answers questions about the sweepstakes hobby from the sponsors' perspective.

Sweepstakes Loyalty - Are Sweepstakes Effective at Creating Fans?
Do sweepstakes effectively increase brand loyalty for companies? About.com readers share their stories about the times that they have become fans of a product, service, or television show after hearing about them from sweepstakes. See submissions

How Do You Win the Nobel Peace Prize? How are Nobel Peace Prize Winners Chosen?
If you've ever wondered how the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize are chosen, About.com Contests explains the process

Top Ways to Find New Sweepstakes
Are you looking for new contests and sweepstakes to enter? Here are some ideas to help you find as many sweeps as you can enter.

How Many Sweepstakes Should I Enter Daily?
If you're new to sweepstakes entry and are wondering how many sweepstakes you need to enter daily to win, this article will help.

5 Reasons Not to Enter Sweepstakes
Entering as many sweepstakes as possible is the best way to win sweepstakes. But sometimes there are good reasons to pass some sweeps by. Here are five reasons not to enter sweepstakes.

Winners Roundup - Sweepstakes Wins from Real People
Do you ever wonder if anyone ever really wins sweepstakes, and who those lucky winners are? Every month, I ask my readers who has won prizes in the month before. Here, you can easily find their answers. Just click on the month you want to hear about the prizes, both big and small, that my readers have won. Let their luck motivate you to keep entering more sweepstakes!

What Makes You Give Up on Sweepstakes? Why Do You Stop Enteri…
I have a list of sweepstakes that I try to enter every day, but sometimes I need to go through and weed out the ones that aren't worth entering anymore. Do you do the same thing? What makes you give up on entering a particular sweepstakes?

Ed McMahon - Biography of Sweepstakes Celebrity Ed McMahon
Ed McMahon was famous for his association with sweepstakes. Read more about Ed McMahon's life, and frequent misconceptions about his work.

What Are Your Sweepstakes Resolutions?
Are you determined to win more in the New Year? Share your sweepstakes resolutions here!

When Do You Enter Sweepstakes?
Successful sweepers find time in their busy schedules to enter sweepstakes every day. When is your favorite time to enter sweepstakes? Share your opinion.

Do I Have to Use My Real Birth Date to Enter Sweepstakes?
Do you have to use your real birthday to enter sweepstakes? Or can you fudge the date to throw off identity thieves? Find out here.

Tips on Running Sweepstakes from Circuit City's Former Sweepstakes Administrator
Are you thinking of running sweepstakes for your company? Here are some tips from Tommy Rollins, the former sweepstakes administrator for electronics retailer Circuit City.

Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest
What is the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest all about? Find out here!

Using Gmail to Keep Up-to-Date with Sweepstakes News
Would you like an easy way to stay up-to-date on the latest contest and sweepstakes news? If you use Gmail as your email service, you're in luck. Here's an easy way to stay informed about sweepstakes news.

Great Gifts that You Can Win in Sweepstakes
Some prizes are popular with sweepstakes sponsors because so many people enjoy receiving them that the sponsors can be sure that they will be a good draw for their giveaways. Luckily, this also means that many people will also love to receive them as gifts. Here are ten popular sweepstakes prizes that are given away in such quantity that they...

Do People Really Win Sweepstakes?
Do people really win sweepstakes? The answer is a resounding yes! Read winning stories from real people who have won amazing sweepstakes prizes.

Find Good Homes for Unwanted Wins
Over time, any dedicated sweeper is bound to accumulate a pile of unwanted wins. Here are some ideas for finding good homes for prizes that you don't want or can't use, ensuring that they don't go to waste.

How to Be a Considerate Sweeper
Learn how to follow good sweepstakes etiquette and encourage sponsors to hold more sweepstakes.

How to Make a Sweepstakes Email that Forwards to Your Gmail Account
I resisted setting up a sweepstakes email account on Gmail, because I didn't want to have to log out of my personal email account to check my mail. But then I stumbled across this easy trick for forwarding my sweepstakes email to my regular Gmail account. Find out how.

Sweepstakes Winners Share Stories of Their Most Recent Prizes
Do you think no one really wins sweepstakes? The truth is that lots of people win sweepstakes every month, and you can read all about them. Sweepstakes winners share their stories about their most recent prizes here. You can share the news about your prize wins, too!See submissions

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