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Twitter Contests - How to Enter Twitter Contests

How to Find and Enter Contests on Twitter


So now that you've learned How to Get Started with Twitter, it's time to learn how to find and enter Twitter contests.

How to Find Twitter Contests

Once you've gotten your account up on Twitter, it's time to start looking for contests to enter. Here are a few tips for finding Twitter contests:
  • Visit Twitter Contests on the Sweepstakes Forum to find a list of current Twitter contests.
  • Follow ContestsGuide on Twitter to find my updates on regular sweepstakes AND Twitter contests.
  • Use Twitter Search to look for people Tweeting about contests. Some keywords to search for include sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.
  • Use the TweetDeck Twitter Client to set up permanent searches, so that you can see sweepstakes new and information scroll by.
  • Search on Google to find Twitter contests and the sites that list them.

How Do Twitter Contests Work?

Twitter contests come in a few different varieties. Here are a few common things that Twitter contests ask you to do to enter:
  • Follow the person or company holding the Twitter contest, to receive updates via Twitter.
  • Retweet a post the person or company has made.
  • Make a Tweet that includes a specific hashtag.
  • Be the first to @reply to the contest sponsor with a trivia answer.

Read the rules of each Twitter contest carefully to see what you have to do to enter. Note that you can sometimes receive extra entries into blog contests for Twittering about the contest.

Safety and Twitter Contests

The disadvantage of Twitter contests is that there is very little oversight. Anyone can make a Tweet and say that they are holding a contest. Oftentimes, the contests are missing complete rules, and there is little protection to ensure the prizes are awarded fairly, or at all.

For this reason, it's a good idea to use discretion when entering Twitter contests. Some tips to stay safe while entering Twitter contests include:

  • Check Out Who's Holding the Twitter Contest
    Before entering, look over the Twitter account of the person or company who's holding the contest. Have they made enough posts to seem trustworthy? Do they make Tweets of substance?

  • Follow the Guidelines for How to Identify Fraudulent Sweepstakes
    Just because it's a Twitter contest doesn't mean that general sweepstakes safety tips go out the window.

  • Do a Twitter Search for the Username
    A Twitter search could bring up complaints from people who entered a fraudulent Twitter contest.

  • Does the Website Have a Good Privacy Policy?
    Most Twitter contests will link back to a website with complete rules and other information. While there, check out the site's privacy policy, to see how any information you share will be used.

  • Remember that Real Sweepstakes Never Ask for Money
    The cardinal rule of sweepstakes is that you don't pay to win, and that holds true for Twitter contests as well. If they ask for money, a bank account number, or a credit card, steer clear.
If you have doubts about whether a Twitter contest is legit, stay away or ask about it in the Sweepstakes Forum. It's better to miss a chance to win than to be scammed.

Have You Won Twitter Giveaways?

If you try this out and you win a prize, or if you've already won through a Twitter contest, share your story here: What Have You Won in Twitter Giveaways? If you haven't won yet, check out the article to see the types of prizes that are out there.

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