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Does Anyone Win Magazine Sweepstakes?


Question: Does Anyone Win Magazine Sweepstakes?
Every month, I see lots and lots of great prizes offered by magazines, but I rarely hear about anyone winning them. Does anyone ever win magazine sweepstakes? Are magazine sweepstakes even legitimate?
Answer: People do win magazine sweepstakes. The prizes offered by magazines like Elle, Redbook, Lucky Magazine, and more really are awarded. In fact, I've won from Woman's Day, Redbook, Jane, and many other magazines throughout my years of entering sweepstakes. Magazine sweepstakes are generally legitimate (if you ever see a sweepstakes claiming to be from a magazine that seems suspicious, read my article about How to Identify Fraudulent Sweepstakes to find out how to investigate it further).

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So Why Don't I Hear about More People Winning Magazine Sweepstakes?

The thing about magazine sweepstakes is that the magazine that sponsors them has a huge circulation. That means that the number of people entering magazine sweepstakes can be massive, which means the odds of winning can be low.

Should I Bother Entering Magazine Sweepstakes?

I'd say that if a magazine sweepstakes is offering a prize you'd really like to win, go ahead and enter it. After all, whoever wins is going to beat the odds. However, I'd suggest that your sweepstakes mix includes some sweepstakes with better odds as well.

Where Can I Find Magazine Sweepstakes?

For the most popular magazine's sweepstakes pages, see my Quick Guide to Magazine Sweepstakes.

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