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What Are Creative Presentation Sweepstakes?


Question: What Are Creative Presentation Sweepstakes?

I've seen a lot of large sweepstakes listed as "creative presentations." What is a creative presentation sweepstake, and what does this sweepstake type mean for my chances of entering?


Creative presentations are a way for companies to pool their resources to offer sweepstakes with huge prizes. The downside is that the chances to win those prizes are much lower for the entrants. The way these sweepstakes usually work is that a number of companies run sweepstakes on their own pages.

Entrants can enter on each page, sometimes daily. Each page offers a large prize, and they might offer smaller prizes as well. However, when the time for the drawing comes, only one of the participating websites is randomly selected to be the winning contest. That means that if you didn't enter on that particular page, you have no chance of winning the prize. It also means that although many sites may seem to be offering great prizes, only one will actually be given away.

Creative presentations are attractive for companies who are looking to harvest information from sweepstakes entries. For sweepers, however, they are frustrating because of the extremely low chances of winning.

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