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Did Ed McMahon Work for Publishers Clearing House?


Sweepstakes Celebrity Ed McMahon.

Sweepstakes Celebrity Ed McMahon.

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Question: Did Ed McMahon Work for Publishers Clearing House?

Did Ed McMahon work for Publishers Clearing House?


No, Ed McMahon was never a spokesperson for Publishers Clearing House. Instead, he worked for a rival company called American Family Publishers.

American Family Publishers is a New Jersey-based competitor of Publishers Clearing House, and they had a very similar business model. Both companies were direct marketers who sold magazine subscriptions.

Both used large sweepstakes, with prizes ranging between hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars, to promote their services. And both ran afoul of the law for deceptive sweepstakes practices that didn't make it clear that no purchase was necessary to win, or that people hadn't won yet.

Ed McMahon and fellow entertainment giant Dick Clark both worked for American Family Publishers, doing commercials and delivering prizes for the company. Neither worked with Publishers Clearing House, although people have somehow associated the two names with the more well-known company.

When Ed McMahon passed away, one question was asked over and over again -- how will Publishers Clearing House notify their winners now? The answer is easy: the same as they ever did, because Ed McMahon never worked for PCH!

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