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How Can I Get Technical Help Entering Contests or Sweepstakes?


Question: How Can I Get Technical Help Entering Contests or Sweepstakes?
Help! I'm having trouble entering a particular sweepstakes. Where can I ask for help?
Answer: If you're having technical trouble with specific sweepstakes and contests, you have three good resources to help you locate the problem.
  1. Check Your Computer
    Sometimes, a problem with your computer setup could be the reason why you're having trouble entering. Follow the tips in the article, 10 Steps to Make Sweepstakes Work to see if the problem could be on your end.

  2. Ask in the Sweepstakes Forum.
    The sweepstakes forum is a great place to contact other people who might have had the same problem and who can give you an easy solution. Asking your question here can help you narrow down whether the problem is with one of the settings on your computer or with the sweepstake itself.

  3. Contact the Sponsor.
    If there seems to be a problem with the sweepstakes itself, like the page won't load, something doesn't seem to be working properly, or you get an error when you submit an entry, it's a good idea to contact the sweepstakes sponsor directly. Most sponsors have an email address or contact form on the sweepstakes page or listed in the rules.

When asking for help from any of these places, it's important to outline your problem as clearly and in as much detail as possible. Don't just say, "It doesn't work!" Instead, describe what you tried to do, which URL you visited, and what the result was, including any error messages.

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