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How To Beat Sweepstakes Burnout and Stay Motivated to Win Prizes


At some point, just about every sweeper experiences it – the crippling feeling that Lady Luck is gone for good, that you're wasting your time, and that you'll never win another prize again. Oh, no, it's sweepstakes burnout!

In my experience, sweepstakes burnout always hits hardest right before a big win - as long as you don't let it get to you, and give up. Here are some tips to help you keep plugging away and revitalize your love of sweeping!

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Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Enter More, Not Less

    If you can, try to talk yourself into entering more sweepstakes, not less. The number one cure for sweepstakes burnout is to win a prize, even if it's just a little win like a baseball cap or a t-shirt. Try to add some sweeps to your daily regime that have especially good odds. For more information, see:
  2. Enter Instant Wins

    Instant win sweepstakes are a great way to fight sweepstakes burnout, because they notify you right away when you win a prize. You don't have to wait for the entry period to finish and a name to be drawn. I always add a good number of instant wins to my daily entries, to keep my enthusiasm levels high.
  3. Enter Creative Contests

    Creative contests not only let you express your inner writer, chef, or photographer, but they also have significantly higher odds of winning a prize. They're a little more interesting than just filling out another entry form, and the prizes can be huge.
  4. Read About Wins

    You can't always count on getting a win when you need it most, but you can read about the good fortunes of others. There's nothing like hearing about someone who hit a big prize just when he or she was about to give up to motivate you to keep going! Some places to look for winning stories include:
  5. Shake Up Your Entries

    Sometimes you just can't stand to enter the same sweepstakes day after day. Give yourself to cut back on your dailies or to swap them out for new sweepstakes. Try entering at a different time of day or from a different location, if you have a laptop computer available. Shaking up your entry process can make entering fun again. Here are some different types of sweepstakes to enter:
  6. Try Entering for Different Prizes

    If you've been concentrating on winning only large sweepstakes, try entering some smaller, lesser-known contests. You'll have less competition, and your chances of winning will be higher. Those small prizes can really keep you motivated to win.
  7. Have More Fun

    Sometimes, the key to staying motivated is just to have more fun with the entry process. You might want to try decorating your computer desk with lucky symbols or one of my other tips to improve your luck. Making your own vision board might also help you get more motivated.
  8. Take a Short Break

    If all else fails, give yourself permission to take a break. Remember that sweepstakes is a hobby, and it's meant to be fun. If you're not enjoying yourself, you need a break. Just be sure to keep reading about sweepstakes, to ensure that you won't give up for good. About.com's sweepstakes forum and sweepstakes newsletter are two ways to keep active in the sweepstakes hobby, even when you're taking a break from entering.

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