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DIY Blog Cabin Sweepstakes: Big Annual Giveaway from DIY


What Is the DIY Blog Cabin Sweepstakes?:

In 1997, HGTV came up with the idea of building a house on the air and then giving it away in their Dream Home Giveaway. A decade later, HGTV's sister network, DIY, decided to create a similar giveaway in its own do-it-yourself style. Instead of a fancy dream home in a high-rent area, DIY gives away a rustic cabin - and it lets its viewers pick the details of the cabin by voting on the features.

Why Is It Called a "Blog" Cabin?:

A blog is short for a web log - a journal that's posted on the internet for others to read. The DIY cabin includes a feature that describes what's going on with the construction and giveaway of the cabin. Readers can comment and give feedback on different aspects of the cabin, and even vote for the cabin's final design.

History of the Blog Cabin:

The very first Blog Cabin was built over a 13-part television series that started airing in August of 2007. Located in the Smoky Mountains, the 2007 Blog Cabin was won by Joyce Bennett.

When Does the Blog Cabin Sweepstakes Run?:

The first Blog Cabin Giveaway started in August and ended in October.

Entering the DIY Blog Cabin Sweepstakes:

Once the Blog Cabin Sweepstakes has begun, you can enter by visiting the DIY Network. Typical entry restrictions allow daily entry for residents of the United States aged 21 and above.

More about the Blog Cabin:

To find out the current construction status, visit the DIY Blog Cabin Site. To see if a Blog Cabin special is airing, check your DIY Listings

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