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How to Delete Auto-Fill Entries in Your Web Browser

Remove Unwanted Auto-fill Options Quickly and Easily


One of my favorite features of modern browsers is the auto-fill option, where the browser recognizes that you have performed a specific search before and suggests information that you have typed before. For sweepers, auto-fill saves a ton of time. When Roboform doesn't fill out a form for me, I usually only have to double-click in the text field and select the data I want from the drop-down list of options. This is particularly useful for daily sweepstakes that require codes.

Over time, however, some unwanted information can get added to the auto-fill options. Perhaps I made a typo when entering my address, or a sweepstake that required a code expired and I don't need to enter it anymore, or I filled out an information request form for a relative one time and I don't want to see her email address as an option every time I enter a sweepstake. So how can I easily remove this information from my auto-fill options?

  • Removing Auto-Fill Options in Internet Explorer

    In the Internet Explorer browser, all you need to do is:
    1. Double-click in the text field so the drop-down box of auto-fill options appears.
    2. Hold your mouse over the option that you want to remove from auto-fill so that it's highlighted. Don't click on it.
    3. Press your delete key. The option should be deleted from your auto-fill.
  • Deleting Auto-Fill Entries in Firefox

    If you are using the Firefox browser, you follow the same steps except that you hold down shift while pressing delete in the third step. And that's it - it's that easy to remove unwanted entries from your auto-fill options.

For more information about how to clear information from your browser, check out the information from Webslingah in the forum thread that inspired this post.

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