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Where Can I Find Active Sweepstakes to Enter?

Once you know how to fill out the entry forms correctly, it's time to find some sweepstakes to enter! Here some tips to locating active sweepstakes.

1. About.com Contests' Sweepstakes Listings

I list lots of the best contests and sweepstakes to enter on this site. The sweepstakes are organized to help you find the prizes you most want to win. See the Sweepstakes to Enter List to find lists of current sweepstakes.

2. Sponsor Newsletters

Many companies sponsor sweepstakes on a regular basis. To promote these sweepstakes, many offer a free newsletter that they send out to people who are interested in hearing about their most recent giveaways. By signing up for these newsletters, you can ensure that you never miss out on a sweep from one of your favorite companies.

3. Referrals From Friends

Sponsors will often offer additional entries to people who refer friends and acquaintances to their sweepstakes. If you get a group of people together to share referrals, you can improve your chances of winning while being sure of getting the news about great sweepstakes more quickly!

4. Using the About Search Bar

You can use an internet search to uncover a lot of great new sweepstakes. Try searching for relevant words like "sweepstakes," "prizes," and "contests" along with the current month and year to find brand new contests.

5. Keep Your Eyes Open

By simply keeping your eyes open, you can find a ton of sweepstakes offers. Listen to the radio for local giveaways, fill in ballot boxes at the mall, or check out contests offered on products at the supermarket. Local restaurants often give away free lunches or dinners, while the magazines at your dentist's office are usually chock full of prize promotions.

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