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A Guide to the Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter


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Sweepstakes Organized by Entry Method

How you enter sweepstakes affects the cost of your hobby as well as your chances to win. Some common entry methods include:

  1. Online Sweepstakes

    Online sweepstakes allow you to enter using your computer and your internet connection.
    • Advantages: Easy to enter, free of charge.
    • Disadvantages: Because online sweepstakes are free and easy to enter, there is usually more competition for the prizes, and therefore a lower chance to win.
  2. Email Sweepstakes

    Email sweepstakes are a type of online sweepstakes where you send the sponsor an email with your entry information.
  3. Mail-In Sweepstakes

    Mail-In sweepstakes involve sending your entry to the sponsor by postal mail.
  4. Call-In Sweepstakes

    Call-in sweepstakes have a phone number that you use to give your entry information to a representative.
    • Advantages: Less known than online sweepstakes.
    • Disadvantages: Must be careful of hidden phone charges. More time-consuming than online entries.
  5. Drop Boxes

    Drop boxes are often found at supermarkets, malls, conventions, and local businesses. You fill out an entry form and drop it in a box.
    • Advantages: Free and easy to enter. Oftentimes, drop box sweepstakes are local entry only, meaning your odds of winning are significantly higher.
    • Disadvantages: You must be at the location of the drop box to enter. It can be difficult to tell if the sweepstakes are legitimate.
  6. Text Message Sweepstakes

    Use your cell phone to enter sweepstakes. Some sweepstakes use text sweepstakes as an alternate entry method, while other sweepstakes can only be entered by text.
  7. Radio Contests

    Many radio stations offer giveaways with prizes ranging from concert and movie tickets to cars and cash.
    • Advantages: Many of these giveaways are local, so you aren't competing with sweepers from around the country.
    • Disadvantages: You have to be alert as well as lucky to win.
    • More info: How to Win Radio Contests
  8. Blog Contests

    Blogs are a powerful voice on the internet, so companies are turning to them to offer giveaways promoting their products.
    • Advantages: Fewer people enter blog contests, raising the odds of winning.
    • Disadvantages: Not all blog contests are fair about giving away prizes. It can be hard to sort through all of the blogs.
    • How to Win Blog Contests

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