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A Guide to the Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter


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Sweepstakes Organized by Entry Frequency
Entry frequency is another common way to organize sweepstakes. How often you can enter can have a large impact on your chances of winning. Sweepstakes entry frequencies include:
  1. One Entry Sweepstakes

    Each person (or household, or computer, or IP address) can enter one time only. This means that everyone who enters has the same chances to win. These are great sweepstakes if you don't have much time to sweep, or to enter for prizes that you'd like to have but aren't really wild about.
  2. Daily Sweepstakes

    These sweepstakes allow you to enter daily. If you enter daily sweepstakes every day, you can increase your odds of winning over other people who don't enter regularly. However, entering daily takes time and dedication.
  3. Weekly Sweepstakes

    Sweepstakes that you can enter on a weekly basis are more rare than either one time or daily sweepstakes. Because their entry period is more irregular, it is harder to remember to enter these weekly. This does, however, increase your odds over people who enter them once or twice.
  4. Monthly Sweepstakes

    Monthly sweepstakes can award a prize every month, or they can allow monthly entries for a grand prize that is given away at the end of the entry period. Either way, they tend to be ignored by many sweepers, and therefore to have better chances of winning for people who enter regularly.
  5. Unlimited Entry Sweepstakes

    Unlimited entry sweepstakes allow you to enter as often as you want. Unless you have an awful lot of time to dedicate to entering these sweepstakes, these will have high odds against winning.
  6. Odd Entry Sweepstakes

    Odd entry sweepstakes are sweepstakes with irregular entry periods. For example, an odd entry sweepstakes might let you enter every two weeks, or it might have entry periods of varying lengths, where one entry period lasts for a week and the next for 12 days.
  7. Ongoing Sweepstakes

    Ongoing sweepstakes can fall under any of the above categories, but they have no set expiration date. They continue indefinitely, until the sponsor announces that the sweepstakes is over. They usually award prizes at set intervals throughout the giveaway, such as weekly or monthly.

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